The Secret Message (An o2l FanFiction)

Excuse me." Said a familiar voice from behind me.
I turn around and see the guy I met earlier.
"Yeah?" I asked him.
"I didn't get your name." He said with a cute grin.
"Oh," I giggled. "I'm Torianna but you can call me Tori. And you?"
"I'm Connor but you can call me Connor."
We both laughed. His laugh was like an angels voice. I hardly knew the guy but I could help but like him.


9. Chapter 8

I cant believe I fell for what Jc said. Connor would never like me, nobody would. Yet, it would be awesome if he did. I wanted to know if Connor actually did like me though. Oh well, I'm to tired to think right now.

*Next day*

I wake up to find a few text from Connor and Ricky. Its was almost time for me to go to lunch with Connor so I didn't answer any text. I hopped in the shower then afterwards put on my makeup and put my hair in a side braid. I put on my Pink sweatshirt and short jean shorts. After walking downstairs I put on my black converse and walked out the door.

Before I made it out the door, my mom stopped me.

"Hey, are you going out with Connor?" She asked me.

"I'm going to lunch with him." I told her.

"Okay. Can I drive you I need to talk with you?" She asked me.

"Yeah." I said texting Connor that he didn't need to pick me up.

We reached the car and both got in. It was quiet at first because I thought my mom would start talking but she didn't. Then she did.

"Do you like Connor?" She asked me.

I hesitated at first. Then I spoke up. "As a friend. Why?"

"Oh I don't know, you and him just would be a cute couple and you've been hanging out a lot lately."

I didn't know how to respond to this. Thankfully we pulled into the parking lot right then. I hop out of the car saying goodbye and thanks to my mom. I walk in to see Connor suddenly next to me.

"Hey" he said.

"Hey, how are you?" I asked him politely.

"Fine. And you?" he asked.

"I'm fine and you just lied." I said looking at the menu.

"What? No I didn't!' he said confused.

"I can just tell that you are not okay. You look nervous and scared. Why is that?"

"I'm perfectly fine." He said trying to play it off. I knew something was up but he didn't want to talk about it so we didn't.

After we talked some more we ate our lunch. I wanted to ask him about Marcus. Should I? Ugh, I guess I will see what he has to say.

"Hey Connor." I said in a more serious tone. "My ex boyfriend, Marcus, asked me out yesterday. He said he was coming to LA this weekend. I agreed to hang out with him tonight. If he asked me out tonight. What do you think I should say?"

His face went from a great big beautiful smile to a straight face. "Well, I don't know."

"Yes or no?" I asked not forcefully.  "honestly, I wont care."

"Yes, only if you truly love him and don't like anyone else."

"Okay." I said and brought up another subject.

After talking for a while we left. Connor and I started walking down the street when he grabbed my hand. I didn't let go. I grabbed onto his.  We walked back to his house. Once we got there Kian opened the door for us. we walked in and then saw Jc talking to a camera. Um okay?

Connor and I walked up to Connor's room. almost immediately I had a question for Connor.

"Why was Jc talking to a camera?" I asked so confused.

"Oh, haha. Me, Jc, Ricky, Kian, Sam, Trevor, Jenn, Andrea and others are YouTubers." He said.

"Oh. what's your channel?"

"Connorfranta or you can go to our collab channel called o2l." he said.

"Cool I might have to check it out." I said with a giggle at the end.

"You should." He said with a huge smile. His teeth sparkle.

We walked down stairs and into the kitchen to see Kian standing there.

"I'll be back" Connor said walking back up stairs.

"Okay. Hey Kian." I said.

"hey," He said.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked him.

"Sure." He said kind of confused.

"You cant tell Connor I asked you thins, but, do you know if Connor likes me?" I asked making sure Connor wasn't near.

"He does." Kian said not even having to think about it. "Why?"

I told him I would call him later before Connor walked in the room.

"Back." Connor said skipping in. I laughed so hard at that. He looked cute when he did that. "Do you want to be in my YouTube video Tori?"

"Oh I would love to," I Said when his smile grew larger. "But I have to go home soon."

"Okay. Do you want me to walk you home?" He asked.

"I would love that." I said saying goodbye to Kian and Jc and walking out of the house with Connor.

As we started walking we started talking. "Do you think tomorrow you can come over and we can make a video?" He asked me.

"Sure. What time do you want me to come over?" I responded.

"Around 10. Is that okay?"

"Perfect." I said as we reached my house.

I walked up to my door and Connor beside me. I said bye when he kissed my cheek again. Sparks! I walked inside as he walked away.

I walk inside to see Marcus standing in my kitchen talking to my mom. Uh oh!


( hey everyone I am so super sorry I haven't updated in forever. I have been so busy lately. gosh I'm so sorry. Please let me know if you like this book. I love each and everyone of you. stay frantastic! <3)

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