The Secret Message (An o2l FanFiction)

Excuse me." Said a familiar voice from behind me.
I turn around and see the guy I met earlier.
"Yeah?" I asked him.
"I didn't get your name." He said with a cute grin.
"Oh," I giggled. "I'm Torianna but you can call me Tori. And you?"
"I'm Connor but you can call me Connor."
We both laughed. His laugh was like an angels voice. I hardly knew the guy but I could help but like him.


17. Chapter 16

As everyone started talking my phone started vibrating. It was a phone call from Marc. I told Connor I was going outside for a minute and walked toward the doors. I answered when my hand touched the door.

"Hello." I said then I got a simple reply of 'hello' back. "What's up?" I asked.

"well, I wanted to let you know I was moving to California!!" he said kind of screaming.

"oh nice" I said not to happy. He still liked me and I could tell. I didn't like him at all.

"What's wrong? That didn't seem to happy of an 'Oh nice'"

"Well..." I didn't want to continue but I did. "Never mind. I have to go. Bye."

"Okay. Bye. I will text you later." he replied then I hung up the phone.

I walked back inside and to where my friends were sitting. I started to talk to Jessa as Connor interrupted us.

"Why did you go outside?" he said as I turned away from Jessa and looked at Connor. I couldn't make eye contact with. I was kind of pissed off but then again I just wanted to go. I told him I was getting a phone call and continued to eat my food. I took a sip of my Cherry Pepsi when Connor took my hand out of my lap and held it. I looked up at him and he gave me an 'It's okay' look as if he knew what was going on.


After everyone finished, everyone but Jessa and Jc went back to the O2L house. I wasn't sure why Jessa and Jc didn't come until I got a text from Jessa.

Jessa: OMG! Jc is taking me to the beach! hoping to see you later, we need to talk.

Tori: Okay, text me later.

Jessa: Okay. Maybe you can spend the night tonight?

Tori: Idk. I will let you know.

When we go to the house, Kian opened the door and held it for everyone. Trevor and Jenn started running toward the door but Kian let go locking them out. I watched as Kian ran to every door making sure it was locked. All of them started laughing at Jenn and Trevor.

"Why are they doing this?" I asked Sam.

"Just to be funny." he replied.

"Oh okay. where did Connor go?" I asked looking around.

"not sure. go check his room."

"Okay thanks." I said and sure enough there he was laying in bed with his phone in front of his face. I walked over to him and sat next to him.

Connor patted the spot next to his body as a motion to lay down with him. I lied next to him looking at his phone seeing what he was doing. His arm was wrapped around me when he put down his phone.

"Tori, I love you." he said looking at his ceiling. I looked at him and that's when he looked at me.

"Connor, I love you too." I replied and smiled.

He grinned and said "I can tell there is something your not telling me." Our eyes were still in contact. He gave the give it up face.

"It's Marc."

"Who's Marc?"

"Remember, he was my ex."

"Oh yeah. So what's up with him?"

"Well, he is moving to Cali and I'm almost 100% sure he still likes me and wants to get back together. I don't like to be mean but I just want to tell him it's never going to happen. Even if we were to break up I wouldn't date him."

"whoa, whoa, wait! We aren't breaking up. I hope you have realized but I really like you."

"I know. But what should I say to Marc."

"Just tell him what you just told ,e and who cares what he thinks."

"Okay thanks." I said and gave him a kiss.

Our kiss continued for a few minutes until he grabbed me tighter. By then I couldn't breath. I broke the kiss. I was breathing quite heavily.

"Are you okay?" He asked looking concerned.

I nodded my head yes and pointed to the water bottle next to his bed on him night stand. He handed it to me and I took a sip. After I caught my breath  spoke again.

"I'm fine its just-" he cut me off.

"Did I hurt you?" He looked like he could almost cry.

"No Connor. I Have really bad asthma. I couldn't breath. Just don't hold me to tight."

"What? You said I didn't hurt you but I did."

"No don't think of it like that."

"okay."   He said then gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you so much. I told him.

"I love you too."


(I know I say this every time but I am truly sorry for not updating. School is just really difficult for me right now. I hope this made you guys happy and I hoped you liked it. If you like this please let me know. I love you all. you're all frantastic. ;) byeeeeee)

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