The Secret Message (An o2l FanFiction)

Excuse me." Said a familiar voice from behind me.
I turn around and see the guy I met earlier.
"Yeah?" I asked him.
"I didn't get your name." He said with a cute grin.
"Oh," I giggled. "I'm Torianna but you can call me Tori. And you?"
"I'm Connor but you can call me Connor."
We both laughed. His laugh was like an angels voice. I hardly knew the guy but I could help but like him.


16. Chapter 15

-----The next day-----

*Tori's P.O.V.*

I wake up to see that I slept in a lot later than usual. Normally I sleep in until 11 but today I slept in till 12:30. My brother woke me up by banging on my door. At first I thought the door was coming down but then I answered the door.

"Connor and some other guy are downstairs." Ty, my little brother, said.

"Okay, tell them I will be down soon." I replied.

"Okay." He said as I closed my door and locked it.

I started to get dressed while thinking why they came. I put on light blue skinny jeans and a Abercrombie t-shirt. I then put my hair into a side braid and went downstairs. I saw Jc and my mom talking but no sign of Connor. Jc then saw me and waved for me to come over. I walked over to him looking left and right for Connor.

"What are you looking for?" Jc asked. I just noticed that I probably looked like an idiot when looking for Connor.

"Well, Ty said Connor was here too." I responded to Jc.

I then felt a light tap on my back. I turn around to see Connor with a big bouquet of flowers and a card. I gave him a giant hug and he hugged back. After our hug he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said 'Happy One-Month Anniversary!'

"Awe, thanks Connor!" I replied and gave him another hug.

My mom took the flowers out of my hand and put them in my blue vase. I then said hi to everyone as we started to chat. Connor, Jc, and I left after I put on my bright pink converse that matched my shirt. I said by to my mom and walked out the door.

The boys decided to take me out to lunch with the rest of the gang. When we got to Taco Bell I saw Jessa and gave her a hug. We started talking about what Connor did for me as Connor walked over.

"Are you talking behind my back?" Connor asked.

"Yes, but it's not bad." I said with a little giggle.

"Okay. I'm going to order. What would you lovely ladies like?" Connor asked looking back and forth at the two of us.

We told him our orders and walked over to the booth that would fit all of us. (Andrea, Kian, Trevor, Jenn, Ricky, Jc, Connor, Jessa, Sam, and I.)

Connor and Kian walked over to all of us with arms full of food. Kian and Ricky started to hand the food out. Then the boys sat down. Kian next to Andrea and Sam, then Connor by me and Ricky. Connor wrapped his arm around me with a grin on his face. After we made eye contact I smiled at my beautiful, wonderful, boyfriend.



(Again I'm sooo sorry. Hope you all enjoyed and if u do let me know. Each and every one of you are frantastic I love you all. By the way, everyone go buy 'The Dark Side' on iTunes!!)

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