The Secret Message (An o2l FanFiction)

Excuse me." Said a familiar voice from behind me.
I turn around and see the guy I met earlier.
"Yeah?" I asked him.
"I didn't get your name." He said with a cute grin.
"Oh," I giggled. "I'm Torianna but you can call me Tori. And you?"
"I'm Connor but you can call me Connor."
We both laughed. His laugh was like an angels voice. I hardly knew the guy but I could help but like him.


11. Chapter 10

I wake up this morning to the sound of sizzling bacon. The smell finally came up to my room that made me want to get out of bed. Not many things make me want to get out of bed. Anyways, I walk downstairs and into the kitchen. My brother was sitting at the table eating his pancakes when I joined him.

"Hey sis?" He asked me.

"What's up?" I responded filling my plate.

"This Connor kid, will I have to beat him up?" He asked trying to act older. HE would never be able to.

"No, anyways I'm getting older and I can handle this. Ty, your younger than all the guys I date too. Connor and I aren't even dating." I told him honestly.

"Haha, okay." He responded being a good brother. Don't get me wrong, he is a good brother, but normally not so much.

After I finished eating, I got ready for Connor's video. I went upstairs to put on my neon pink tee shirt and blue skinny jeans. I grabbed my flip flops and entered the bathroom. I put on my makeup and loosely crimped my hair. I slip on my flip flops then head out the door. Grabbing my rip stick I head over to Connor's house.

"Hello." Kian says to me as I enter the house.

"Hey. Where's Connor?" I asked.

"Upstairs in his room. Did you bring the box?" He asked me.

"Shit! I forgot, I'll be right back." I said as I hopped back on my rip stick and when back home to grab the box. I wonder how Kian knew, oh well.


"Back." I said as I entered the house when Kian opened the door again.

"Good. You can go upstairs."

"okay thanks." I said hugging Kian and running up the stairs.

I walk down the hall way and into Connor's room. He was in there setting up his supplies. There were two chairs, a camera, a few lights, and his computer. He didn't see me walk in so I gave him a surprise.

'BOO!" I yelled.

"OMG! I almost peed myself." Connor said.


"You ready?" Connor asked resuming his work.

"Yeah, just one question."

"And that would be." Connor asked looking at me.

"What is in this box?" I asked very curiously.

"You'll see." He said with that extremely cute grin.

"Ugh, okay."


"Hey what's up you guys it's Connor." He introduced himself to the camera.

"And I'm Tori." I said when Connor pointed to me.

"And today we will be doing the what's in my hand challenge." He said explaining what we are doing in the video today.

"Let's get started!" He said looking at me.

"So now I can't see." I said as he blindfolded me.

"Good. Hold out your hand." He said grabbing my hand and placing what seemed like rubber duck.

"Is it a rubber duck?'' I asked.

"Yep. good job!''

"Why, thank you!''

We continued filming for a while. Once we got to the final object, I knew what it exactly was.

"It's the box you gave me the other day." I said.

"Yep" he responded taking off my blindfold. "Open it up."

"Really?" I asked unsure.



I open the box to see tissue paper. I started digging through the box. I found a small card and I opened it. 'Will you be my girlfriend?   -Connor<3' the card said. I look up to Connor's gorgeous green eyes and give him a giant hug.

"Yes." I responded in the hug.

"Yay!" He said smiling and letting go.

I dig through the rest of the box to see a beautiful, silver bracelet. I cant believe this is actually happening! Can you say best day ever?

"Awe thanks Connor." I said hugging him once more.

"You're welcome. Well that concludes today's video." He said then gave his outro.

Once he turned off the camera, he gave over to me and hugged me. Once we started to release he held my waist and kissed me! OMG! Sparks were flying everywhere.

"Thank you." He said.

"For what? I should be thanking you, you're the best guy ever!'' I told him.

"Thank you for being perfect."

"I'm not, you are. I love you."

"I love you.'' He said and kissed me once again.

Sadly our kiss was broken up by my mom calling me. I answer to find out that she needs me home at 3:00. That's in one hour. Ugh, I just want to hang with Connor.

"Hey Connor my mom needs me home in an hour."

"Okay." He responded. "You hungry?"

"Yeah kind of. Why?"

"I'm starving."

He took my hand and walked me downstairs. He took me into the kitchen and grabbed macaroni and cheese to make. Yum, my favorite.

"What's up guys?" Jc said entering with Ricky behind him.

"Want to tell them?" I asked Connor.

"Sure. Why not?" He responding.

"We are dating." I told the two of them.

"Cool!" Jc said.

"Nice." Kian said ease dropping.

"Hey there now!" I said laughing.


After Connor and I ate I had to leave. Hopping on my rip stick I heading home. Once I reached my house I started entering my garage code. I turn around to find a girl with bleach blonde hair splashed with some pink and blue, sitting on the ground. I walk over because she seemed hurt.

"Hey are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, my knee kind of just got cut." She told me.

"Let's go clean that up." I told her putting out my hand for her to grab. She grabs it and pulls herself up.

"I'm Jessa by the way."

"Cool." I said. "I'm Tori."

We walked inside and into the bathroom.

"Okay let's clean this up." I told her as we started to chat.


(hey everyone. I just want to say better things are to come. Please let me know if you like this book. btw Jessa sorry for not getting you in so much but you will be coming in next chapter. I love each and everyone of you. You are all frantastic. bye<3)

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