Baby Malik

My name is Jessica. I've been the new girl for almost 3 months now. And already I'm a popular. Also, I'm fifteen years old. This is my story of what happened.


8. The Kiss

Zayn's POV

"You kissed me, you said you loved me, you-" I kissed her again. She pushed me off of her. "What are you doing?!?!?" She asked. "But you like me don't you?" I said with a faint smile. "Well, okay the truth is I love you too, but when I saw you and Emma...." She trailed off. "Shhhhhh, no baby don't say that, I love you and I don't even like Emma!!!!" I kissed her neck, checks, lips, forehead, and her chest. I lifted up her shirt and kissed her belly and around her belly button. "Why don't we move this to the bedroom?" I asked her with a smile. She nodded and I carried her upstairs.------

Once we got up stairs, I opened the door to my room and layed her on the bed. I got up and locked the door just incase of my sister walked in. I walked over to my bed and we started kissing and we started to strip. Once we got completely naked, I pulled her into a deep and passionate kiss. Then things started to get romantic, deeply romantic------

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