Baby Malik

My name is Jessica. I've been the new girl for almost 3 months now. And already I'm a popular. Also, I'm fifteen years old. This is my story of what happened.


6. Social Studies

Rachel's POV

I shut my locker and walked to Mr. Lawson's room. "Okay everyone settle down and take your seats." Lawsonater announced. And my seat was next to Zayn's unfortunately. "Okay since we have been learning about the Jewish culture and history, you'll be doing a project. Now, don't freak out yet and settle down ladies and gentlemen! I'll be picking your partners!" He laughed and evil, fun laugh. "I'll read off the list;

Kaitlyn Kellenberger and Niall Horan;

Stephanie Farden and Liam Payne;

Emma Vaughn and Harry Styles;

Braylyn Lane and Louis Tomlinson;

Rachel Peterson and Zayn Malik..." I cut him off "Are you kidding me?!?!" My mouthed dropped to the floor. "Yes Miss Peterson. I am 100% positive that I am sure. Now, can I continue?!?" He asked crossing his arms a crossed his chest. "Yes 'sir. Sorry 'sir." I took a glance at Zayn he had this huge smile grinning from ear to ear. He finished reading off the partners "This will be due in 2 weeks, so you will have to spend a lot if down time together inside and outside of school. Plan out your schedule with your partner and when the bell rings you can leave. And begin!" Mr. Lawson sat down at his desk and started to type on his computer. "So my house tonight and we'll plan from there! Okay?" He grew a smile. "Okay." My smile stayed a frown. "What time should I pick you up?" He asked his smile growing more. "I can drive, I'll drive my self!" I crossed my arms. "Fine just be at my house at 5:39." His smile faded a little. "Fine!" The bell rang and everyone rushed to go home — the day was over.

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