Baby Malik

My name is Jessica. I've been the new girl for almost 3 months now. And already I'm a popular. Also, I'm fifteen years old. This is my story of what happened.


2. High School is Hell

Zayn's POV

"I feel like today is magical. I just don't know why..." I explained to my mate Niall Horan. "It's just a normal school day. Why would you say that?!?!" Niall said annoyed. "I guess your right!" I plastered a fake smile and walked inside, but deep down inside I felt like it is special! As soon as I opened the double-doors and as soon as I stepped foot inside I and everyone started waving at me and coming up to and trying to talk to me. Sometimes I hate being popular! I finally made my way through the crowd and got my key to my locker and opened it up, I stared long and hard at the pictures of me and my ex, I didn't even notice her walking up to me. "You still have those up?!?!" She sounded disgusted. "Sarah....." She interrupted me, "Don't you dare Sarah me!" She said coldly. "Whatever. We just broke up last night. How do you expect me to be at school at 6:00 pm!?!" I said with a smirk. "Well you could of took them down as soon as you opened your locker!" Now she smirked. "I just opened my locker!" Her smirk quickly faded. "What do you want anyways Sarah?!?!" I tried to get to the point. "I wanted to hand you back every thing you left with me." She handed me a bunch of condoms. The guys oohed like a siren. "Now while I go take your condoms and take those pictures down!" She smirked and sashayed away! "I hate it when she sashays!" I said to the guys. Liam took a handful of condoms and joked with them; "looks like things have been getting fun between you two!" Liam and the guys laughed like they busted a gut! "Haha laugh all you want like you aren't fucking your girlfriends!" Suddenly the laughing stopped. "I win!" I boasted happily! Suddenly I heard that cute little giggle that I love so much, I whipped my head around and saw her walking down the hallway with her friends. She was so beautiful, I can't wait to spend the rest of life with her, First, I just have to asked her out. And that would be today!

Jessica's POV

"Hi" The guys all said to me and my friends. I plastered a smile. My phone beeped, I looked over at Kaitlyn, the message was from her. It read: "Hey Zayn digs you!🙊💕" I looked at her and shrugged. Bailey, Dani, Kaitlyn, and Mackenzie all giggled and walked over to their lockers which was right next to mine. Niall waltzed over to Kaitlyn and whispered something, I could barely make out what he said, all I heard he say was "Sex". Kaitlyn giggled and they walked strait to their next class. Zayn was just about to say something when the bell rang. I really wanted to find out what he wanted say. But I couldn't risk getting another tardy, so I scurried to class. Wondering what the hell he wanted to say. It was killing me!!!!

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