Baby Malik

My name is Jessica. I've been the new girl for almost 3 months now. And already I'm a popular. Also, I'm fifteen years old. This is my story of what happened.


1. 3 months at school

Jessica's POV

"This is it." I thought to my self "Today marks 3 months of school. At Morrison High!" I rolled out if bed and pulled open my walk-in closet and slipped on my awesome special occasion outfit and grabbed my UGGS and slipped those on. I walked over to the mirror and took out my braid, my hair was wavy!!!! Yes! I have reached my goal! I went downstairs and saw my mom stressing over job applications. I kissed her and said "Don't worry mom. Today's tip day. I'll make enough!" I told her hopefully. "Sweetheart I don't want you to work 2 jobs for $8.50 an hour just for us to make it through a week." "Mom it's fine I'm a happy waitress!" I replied "Oh I suppose..." I could see the looking her face that she doesn't even want have the energy to fight. I felt sorry for her, but I could sorrow later this was a happy day! I'm gonna make sure of it! I snatched my keys and walked out side to my cherry red convertible mustang. And drove to school thinking about my mother the whole way.

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