How He Stole My Heart

It's about a girl named deja who's family left her and never return so she wanders off once they take away her house.


3. The Trouble



                                                    Deja's pov


     When I got out I got dressed combed through my hair and then went downstairs. And almost peed my pants I seen Louis, Liam , and Zayn. Everyone but Niall where ever he is. " Hey Zayn, Louis, Liam I'm Deja harry saved me from the cold at first i couldn't see him because my eyes were frozen half shut. but he brought me here so," I am so surprised I didn't scream having all of them in one room. 


                                             Harry's pov


     some one else knocked at the door so I got up and opened it. It was the paparazzi. " all you guys are is trouble," after i said that Deja wondered why they're here i explained it to her and then she went crazy. " WHY ARE YOU GUYS HERE YOU GUYS ARE GOIN LEAVE AND YOUR GOIN DO IT NOW," she kinda scared me I was about to leave too, but i was kinda thankful because paparazzi is always invading personal time and our privacy.















































































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