How He Stole My Heart

It's about a girl named deja who's family left her and never return so she wanders off once they take away her house.


2. The Start


                                                                Deja's pov continued


      I saw him start to laugh well i was a little embarrassed but I laughed too. So I got up and went straight into the bathroom. the bathroom had different shades of blue to make it look like water was flowing out of the shower i was amazed.

                                                                Harry's pov 


        When she tripped it made me think we would be perfect for each other because she's clumsy and so am I. i was laughing to hard to help her up. So as soon as she went in the bathroom I laid down on my bed and watched T.V.  Then i heard knocking at the door so I went downstairs. It was Louis, liam , and zayn. They said they were just in town and stopped by for tea. so I invited them in. Then I told them about Deja .and since I didn't now much they were only a little interested until they found out that i liked her.



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