The Box

I wrote this story for my English class with some off my friend. Just thought I'd share it because I spent alot of time on it.


4. Whiterun

She opened her eyes to see Elsa sat on a wooden log holding a white rabbit.

“I’m back” Jamie greeted.

“Oh, Hello Jamie! You do know you don’t have to do this” Elsa replied, flattered by Jamie’s actions.

“ Of course I do! I want you and the rest of the fairies here to be happy!” Jamie replied.

“Now I just need to get to Whiterun, Could you should me the way?” She added.

“Sure!” Elsa place the rabbit on the ground and it hoped of into the distance.

Jamie and Elsa made they way to the entrance of Whiterun. As Elsa hide around to corner so she was hidden from everyone, Jamie strode along the cobblestone paths admiring the beautiful architecture of the wooden houses and the children playing tag in the street.

Finally she made it to the large doors of the castle, she took a deep breath and swung the door open.

The distance between the king and Jamie was large so she walk I close look at all the detailed decoration in the large white castle that stood above all.

“Who are you and why are you hear!” The king ordered.

“I’m Jamie White, and I hear to tell you that you should be at peace with the fairies” Jamie replied.

“Why should I listen to you? Fairies are horrible creatures!” The King argued.

“I arrived here today, around 3 hours ago I met Elsa, a White fairy. Even thought I’ve not even know here for a full day yet, she talked to me as if she has know my for a lifetime!” Jamie answered.

“That doesn’t sound like the fairies we know” The King looked confused.

“Please if you just give them a chance, I know they will not disappoint you!” Smiled Jamie. The King sighed.

“Okay, Guards send a message to all fairies in White forest. Say that they are welcome in my kingdom any time they like!” The king commanded.

Jamie looked around feeling somewhat proud of her self. So see shut her eyes and before she new it, she was back in the same old cardboard box. She peered over the top to see her mother standing there waiting for her.

“And where have you been young lady! I’ve been shouting you for the last 10 minutes!” Jamie’s mum asked.

“I-I was just playing!” Jamie replied embarrassed.

“Right” Her mother signed. “Come and get your tea”.

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