The Box

I wrote this story for my English class with some off my friend. Just thought I'd share it because I spent alot of time on it.


3. "I’ve not made it up, it’s..."

Jamie shut her eyes then opened them again and before she knew it she was back in the box. She flung the doors open and before her stood her brother and sister. “What have you been doing in that box, you’ve been in there for hours”, protested Melissa.

“Oh it was wonderful I met this magical fairy from that musical box mum and dad bought me, she needs my help to restore peace between Whiterun and the fairies!”, exclaimed Jamie. Melissa and Harry looked at each other in wonder. “Come and look.” Jamie took them both

by the palm of their hands and dragged them over to the entrance. They just managed to squeeze in of what now seemed like a very small box. “Close your eyes”, said Jamie. Harry and Melissa both closed their eyes waiting to appear in the land of Whiterun which they both knew perfectly well that it wasn’t going to happen. They burst out with laughter as Jamie opened her eyes in disbelief to the same box that they once came in. “Why do you make up things like this Jamie!” argued Harry.

“I’ve not made it up, it’s…”

“Kids dinners ready!” Harry and Melissa barged through threw doors of the box and rushed to the dinner table leaving Jamie alone in the empty box.

“Guess Elsa is going to have an early visit” Jamie mumbled to her self as she stepped into the cardboard box. She sat down and closed her eyes shut.

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