The Box

I wrote this story for my English class with some off my friend. Just thought I'd share it because I spent alot of time on it.


1. Christmas

“Harry, Melissa wake up! It’s Christmas!” The brother and sister dragged themselves out of bed and trudged down to where their parent and Jamie were waiting for them. Harry and Melissa per perched themselves on the couch whilst Jamie waited eagerly to open her presents. Straight away she went for the biggest present she could find and ripped the paper off within a flash. She was left with a large cardboard box which she then teared the tape off, opened it up and peered inside. Before her stood parts to a pink glittery bike with purple tassels which would soon be hers. She gleamed over to her parents and asked if they could build it for her. “As soon as you’ve finished opening the rest of your presents Jamie” replayed her mother.

Jamie set off with unwrapping the rest as Harry and Mellissa. Another present that Jamie received was a musical box where the most beautiful fairy popped out the top, this was her favourite of them all. After everyone had opened their present s her dad went off to built the bike and her brother and sister went to their rooms. While she was waiting she went over to the empty box which lay in the middle of the room. She crawled inside, closed her eyes and imagined her perfect world.

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