My 5 Idiotic Brothers

Am 13 and dont know who my real parents are any more. I have been in this adoption home for most of my life... well that is until i get adopted by 5 guys. My life have just turned a corner and am now travelling along a whole new road


4. Talking to Jack And being A Reble


*Alexs POV*


I woke up to Maura telling Niall to get his arse out of bed and to get ready for school. I opened my eyes to see a really rough Liam walking in. His hair was such a mess and he kept yawning, which made me yawn. Then all i saw was Niall walking towards Liam shirtless, then out of the door until he dissapeard. 

"Alex come on we need to get to school." He said while he was still half asleep. All i did was moan and whine saying it was too early to get out of bed. I felt a bit of cold water slash on my leg and heard a laughing which i presumed was niall. I looked up from my leg and saw Liams hair dripping and his face as all red. Liam just chased after Niall while i was left to get dressed. 


5 minuets later i was ready. Dressed, hair done, make up done and teeth brushed. I decided to skip breakfast today as i wasnt hungry. Liam and Niall was dressed and ready so we set off. Today we didnt take the bus, Maura took us. I was so confused why though but i shrugged it off.


*Skip car ride*


As we walked up to the locker i saw Louis and Harry talking while holding hands. 

"Hey love birds." Niall teased them like usual.

"Oh hey guys, were having a party on the friday if you want to come?" I stated nodding my head alot so liam and niall would say yes.... Which they did.

"Hazza? Is it ok if Katie comes?" Louis asked Harry to make sue it was okay.

"Yeh, but why mate?"

"Shes an old friend of mine and she is back in town now." Louis had a smile plasered across his face.


What a suprise. I looked at my timetable and wasnt happy about today. All apart from one. Today i had to go through tourcher:

- Maths ( Its VERY boring. Only good part is Jack)

- English (Hate that.... I already know how to speak english)

- Science (Better be doing something fun today)

- Dinner (One of the best parts of the day)

- Media ( What the heck is that?)

- Music ( Best lesson of the day!)

- Home (At long last)


The bell went so Louis and Harry walked me to math as there lesson was next door. They was just talking about random things. We got to my lesson and they said to meet them out side their lesson as we had the same next.


*In math*


The teach was going on about some random things and i couldnt be bothered listening. As i was in a daydream i felt something being put into my hand. I looked down and saw a piece of paper folded up. I unfolded it and read what was written on it.

' Hey, i know your not listening to what the teacher is saying and neither am i to be honest. Am really bord too.

--- Jack xxx '


I wrote a little note back to him.

' He goes on and on and on. Am bord too 

--- Alex xxx


He laughed and whispered in my ear.

"Do you fancy coming round after school. You know to get to know each other?"

" If my brother says its ok"

"Why? Whos your brother?"


"Liam who?"


"Wow. Your lucky to have him as a brother. I have one my self you know. Two to be honest."

"Really who?"

"You already know one of them. Harry? And then theres Tom. "

"What Harry. The one thats going out with Louis?" He nodded. I started laughing. They look nothing alike.

"So what you got last?"


"Alex, Jack you two better not be talking in MY lesson. Wait know Jack he is but Alex are you?" Ths igronent teacher inturped me.

"Yes, why" 

"You interupted my lesson."

"Well you interupted my CONVersation" Time to get all sassy. 

"Get out . The pair of you" Me and Jack just walked out of lesson laughing. 

"Come into Harrys with me?"

"Haha fine."


We both snuck in while the teacher was out for a minuet. Both of us walked to the nearest spare seats and sat there. This teacher of Harrys walked in and had no clue we was there. 

"Oi, Harry!" Jack whispered to his brother. Just then as harry turned to talk to us he got told to go out, with the teacher still not knowing we was there. Until he slowly turned to face us.

"Jack and ......"


"right Jack and Alex. where you ment to be now?"

"Corridor waiting for that wierdo next door to let us back in."

"Go back out then." Again we got up, high fived Louis and walked out.







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