My 5 Idiotic Brothers

Am 13 and dont know who my real parents are any more. I have been in this adoption home for most of my life... well that is until i get adopted by 5 guys. My life have just turned a corner and am now travelling along a whole new road


2. My First Day At School

"ALEX WAKE UP NOW" My mum shouted at me. I rolled over and felt a hand hit my cheek. 

"OW WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" It really stung. Bet i have a red mark now. Cheers! Its what i always wanted. Yup sarcasm.

"FOR BEING A LAZY ARSE BITCH NOW GET UP!!!" She pulled me out of bed and i hit the floor with a thud. 

"Am up now OKAY?!?!?!?!" Now its time to get all sassy. I felt pain and could feel blood dripping from my nose. Wait. She just punched me in the nose.

"Mum leave her alone now! She has done nothing wrong. Why do you have to be so mean to her?" Liam was stood in the door way and seemed to have a worried look on his face.


"No am not letting you hurt her again. She dont need this." He sent me a 'its all going to be ok' look. She walked over to Liam and did the exacly same thing to him what she did to me. Once she saw laim bleeding she laughed and walked out. Liam came running over to me with a box of tissues. "I told you i will try and protect you. " I started o smile when he gave me a cuddle. I could get used to this. 


"Alex?" He started to laugh.

" Dont we have to get ready for school?"

"Oh yeh i forgot to tell you. At break and dinner i will come and get you from your lesson. Dont worry i already know what you have, they told me last week. Then we can go and meet up with the lads. Your going to like them trust me." Lads? Am scared of them. Well apart from Liam but any others am scared of.

" Liam... Am scared of guys........"

"Dont worry these wont hurt you. There Niall.... Youd like him. Trust me you will. Zayn.. He claims to be a bad ass but he aint. Louis... Hes just funny and then theres Harry. You might want to watch him. He flirts with everyone but i told him not to with you and if he did then i would batter him. Your going to love them trust me. Every Wednesday we go up into the music room and practise."

"For what?" 

"Ohhh every week we perform in a club down the road. Anyway hurry up and get dressed " And with that he went out o the room and shut my door.


I hd a shower got dressed and headed down stairs. I had my bag and put my make up in it. 

"Alex come on bus is here." Liam said from out side.

"Coming" I ran out to where he was standing. We went onto the bus and Liam sat next to a tall looking guy. He looked about 14. His eyes sparkled and were blue. Teeth were white and all very straight. His hair was styled into a quiff.

"Alex this is Niall.. Niall this is my new sister Alex" He stood up and came to give me a cuddle. I looked over to Liam and he mouthed that he was safe. I let him give me a cuddle and it was amazing. He smiled and sat bak down next to liam. I pulled my phone out and listened to music.

*Skip bus ride*

We walked into school and loads of people was staring at us but mainly me. Liam must have seen i was scared because he put a arm round me. When we walked up to our locker there was another 2 boys. They was cuddling with each other and kissing.

" Liam why are they kissing?" I whispered 

" Oh there dating... Harry Louis break it up now. " They stopped and looked at me. 

"Is this your new girlfriend liam?" The one with curly hair said.

"No harry its his new sister. " The other one said to him. I heard the bell ring and liam took me to my lesson. 


Math. I hate it so much.

"Guys this is Alex. Shes new here so make her feel welcome. Could you go sit next to Jack please." I looked round to find this jack person until i saw someone waving. That must be him. I pulled the chair out and sat down.

"Hey am Jack." He said. He looked quite cute actually. 

"Am Alex" I smiled back at him. 

"Jack shut up!" The teacher said.

"Do you always get told to be quiet." He just nodded. Lesson seemed to drag on for ever until the bell went. Me being me i was the first one out of lesson. I saw niall and started to walk to him.


"Hey Alex. You want to go meet liam with me?" I nodded my head and we started to walk over to where liams lesson was. When he walked out he smiled at me and handed me some food. Daym i was hungry. It went down in less than a minuet.

*Skip rest of school.~*

"Alex go into my room and stay there until i come up." I went into his room with out making a sound and sat on his bed. I heard shouting down stairs and my name loads. She wanted to know where i was and Liam didnt say. 

"Am off upstairs............................... Alex..... Niall is worried about you because he knows what happened to me.... and he told his mum that your living here and she offered for us both to move out and move in with her.. Do you want to ? "

"Will it stop the abusing?" He nodded his head and i was already wanting to move. 

"They will be around in a hour so get packing. Quickley and quietly" I hadnt been living here long and was already going to live with someone else. Best of all it was with Niall and he was saying how he got to do anything he wanted.


A hour had passed and we was waiting for Niall until a car pulled up next to the pair of us.

"Hi Maura." Liam said

"Hi Liam.... and this must be Alex" I smiled and said hi. I can tell that this is going to be fun.


When we got to our new home, me and liam went upstairs into Nialls room. He was just sat on his bed while playing the guitar. Wow he was so good on it. Maby he might  be able to teach me how to play it one time.












A/N Second chapter is up. Tell me what you think. Will post next chapter when i have feedback :D

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