My 5 Idiotic Brothers

Am 13 and dont know who my real parents are any more. I have been in this adoption home for most of my life... well that is until i get adopted by 5 guys. My life have just turned a corner and am now travelling along a whole new road


1. Hey!

My name is Alexander Simpson, but people call me Alex for short. Am 13 and sat on my bed while listening to Panic At The Disco. Am going to ask you a question and you have to be honest with me. Is it bad i dont know who my real parents are? Its true. I have no clue who they are. I only remember the last day i had with them. I was only 5 and i was sat on my bed watching my favourite movie ever Jungle Book



"Alex hurry up we have to go or we are going to be late." My mum shouted me from down stairs. I ran down because she hadnt told me where we was going. Basically i was clueless. I ran out side and into the car. The cd i had just put in was playing out really loud. It was a bit of Mcfly. I am a huge fan of them. 

"Mum? Where are we going?" Now i now am really confused. She brought my suitcase out and only mine. Am really scared now. She came in the car and never answered my question. We was silent uptill the car stopped in the car park.

" Alex you know i love you very much right? " This just confused me even more but i still nodded my head. " Well, You wont be seeing mummy ever again. I have to give you away to other people." What does she mean by never seeing mummy ever again. i dont want to be given away to other people. She went out of the car and came to my side and lifted my out of the car..................................... 


I got shown a room and while i was in there i saw my mum drive away. I stared to cry my eyes out. It was the first time i had been away from my mum................

*End of flashback*


My owner came up to my room and told me to pack up my things because someone is here to get me out of here. At long last i can get out of this hell hole. My life is about to change. 


I went downstairs and got greeted by 2 people. Both in their 30 i think. The lady had short blond hair and was quite small her self. Stood next to her this guy stood. About 6 foot but he was covered in piercings and tattoos. I dont like the look of him but you know what they say. Dont judge a book by its cover.


I said mmy byes to the workers and all the others that they could have chosen.  They carried all my things out and put them into the car. When we was all sat inside the car they both turned around. 

"Alex we are your new parents and when we get home you will have to do as we tell you and keep it tidy." My now so called ' mum ' said.

"Urm your not my parents and you never will be okay.And i will just spend all the time in my bedroom. "

"Oi stop being cheeky. You have been moved school and will be staring there tomorrow." I rolled my eyes and plugged my earphones in. I put on This Is Gospel on by Panic At The Disco.

*Skip car ride*


"Alex id like you to meet your brother Liam. Liam this is Alex. Do what you want with her but nnot at once okay?" This so called liam nodded his head. Had i heard right what had just been said. He can 'Do what he wants' to me? I got shown to my room and laid on my bed until i heard a knock at the door. 

"Come in?" I shouted.

"Urm.... Hey Alex. You seemed a bit scared earlier when i got told i can do what ever i wanted to you....." He started to scare me.

"Liam? What are you on about?" 

"All am going to do is protect you and do what a big brother should and look after you...." He seemed nice actually.

"Liam? What is my so called mum and dad like?" 

"Alex just stay away from them. If you have a problem am only across the hall." And with that liam left. I wounder what he means by stay away from them.


It was well after 9pm and i was tired. With me still confused i went over to liams room and knocked on his door. 

"Come in" Is all i heard 


"Yeah Alex"

"what did you mean by stay away from mum and dad?"

"Come sit " I did as i was told and waited for him to speak. "There danger Alex. They have abused me since i was 8 and they want fresh meat to do the same to. But dont worry.. Am going to protect you from them." I felt comfortable round him so i gave him a cuddle and went to bed.




A/N- First chapter, first fanfiction. Please tell me what you think of it so far..... but honest opinions  


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