Winter Warmth


1. ...

The day was brisk,

My eyes focused in a soft gaze,

As the flakes dance in the atmosphere,

each individually unique.

My heartbeat quickened,

by the sound his foot prints made in the snow –

knowing his presence was there.

My hands restless and nervous,

By the serge of energy he makes me feel in my core.

Enough to melt the snow beneath my feet, in to pools of tropical water.

My ability to act is made hesitant by the newness of this occurrence.

I fight my instinct to kneel in the snow at his feet,

the need to tell this delectable god the rage he produces in my loins, would enslave my voice.

No words would allow me announce the heavenly syllables of his name.

I look down to see his hand softly gripping mine.

Goose pimples stand up over the entirety of my body –

the pleasure of his embrace.

The woolen, mittens creating pockets of warm air.

Too feel him, to love him, and to be love by him brings a calm to my soul.

That moment when his eyes looked into my own, would be as a child looking into the sun.

Banished all thought, leaving a foolish desire to only stare at him longer.

My emotions even more specifically exacerbated by the uniqueness of this day – Christmas Day. 

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