Being Me (Cameron Boyce Story)

Emily was always a girl with big dreams. She loves singing, acting, and playing guitar. Shes a huge fan of ariana grande and peyton list. She has a crush on cameron boyce but he hasnt noticed her before. Will her dreams come true? Will she meet her idols? Will he notice her?


9. Chapter 9

~~Chapter 9 July 1

"Here you have a piece of hair in front of your face." He said moving the loose curl. Why was I so nervous? I do like him but he probably doesn't even like me. "Thanks." I said blushing lightly. "No problem." He said kissing my cheek. "Umm why'd you do that?" "No reason just wanted to see your reaction!" "Oh okay." I said jokingly. Omg did he just. What. Well he said he wasn't serious so that probably didn't mean anything. The movie had finished and Peyton and Karan were staring at me. "What?" "What did we miss?" Peyton said smirking. "What do you mean?" "Umm you guys are like sitting on each other." Karan said sarcastically. "Shut up Karan!" Cameron screamed at him. "Are you guys like a thing?" Peyton asked. "If you want us to be" Cameron said. I gave him the death glare. "Umm okaaay lets do something else." Karan said. "Okay how bout spin the bottle or truth or dare?" Everyone voted on truth or dare. Let the awkwardness begin I thought to myself. Karan was going first he dared Cameron to prank call some girl and ask her out. He did it without any kind of emotion. I don't know but I felt kind of jealous but I don't like him that much. When he finished it was Peyton's turn. "Okay I dare Emily to make out with Cameron for 5 minutes." She said smirking at me. I let it slip. "Okay, I accept the challenge." I walked over to Cameron and sat on him with my legs around his waist. "Okay start!" Peyton said. I leaned in and we just kissed for like a few seconds until he licked my lips wanting entrance. I had to let him in and I kind of wanted to. We just sat there making out for 5 minutes. He wouldn't stop so Peyton had to pull him away. "See I did it." "Did you feel anything?" Peyton asked. Oh great.

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