Being Me (Cameron Boyce Story)

Emily was always a girl with big dreams. She loves singing, acting, and playing guitar. Shes a huge fan of ariana grande and peyton list. She has a crush on cameron boyce but he hasnt noticed her before. Will her dreams come true? Will she meet her idols? Will he notice her?


2. Chapter 2

~~Chapter 2 June 29

I woke up at around 9 in the morning by the sound of my sister screaming downstairs. She was only 3 years old and screamed for everything. I got out of bed before I noticed I had a letter under my door. I picked it up and decided to read it later thinking it would probably be something about school or whatever. I placed the letter in my drawer next to my bed and headed to the bathroom. I always woke up with my hair all crazy looking. As usual I would wash my face and stare into my coffee brown eyes and wonder about my future. I had straight light brown hair. One in a million I thought. One in a million. I put on light make up and fish tail braided my hair to the side. The usual. I did the last touches to my makeup and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. As normal I would go to the fridge and grab some green tea and make myself scrambled eggs but, today the eggs and tea were ready for me. I looked around but there wasn't even a single trace of my mom. I decided to start eating but before I took my first bite something grabbed my leg from under the table. It was Chloe trying to scare me as usual. "Hey em! Did you get the letter i put under your door?" My mom said as she appeared out of no where. "No" I replied in an annoyed tone. "Why didn't you open it?" "Because its definitely some letter from school or whatever." I said. "Then go get it!" My mom screamed to me. "Okay okay let me finish eating." I finished and ran upstairs. I grabbed the letter from the drawer next to my bed and ran with it downstairs. I started to open it and uncovered 'dear Emily' as I read on I noticed it was something from Disney. 'One of our representatives had seen you in the play this year and decided to allow you to audition for Disney channel. The auditions will be held on July 22 and 23 in LA studios.' I stopped reading and looked at the calendar. I had lost track of the day because when school ended I couldn't care less about the day and who pays attention to the days during summer vacation? Well, today was I think June 29 so that gave me enough time to practice and get everything ready. I ran to my mom and gave her the biggest hug ever. "I cant wait!" "Wait for what?" She asked me nervously. "For my Disney audition in LA." I replied concerned. "Its in LA? Em you know we live all the way in NJ. You aren't going because that's all the way on the other side of the US and..." before she could finish i screamed "this is the only chance of ever living my dream and now you wont let me go!" I ran to my room and started crying on my bed. My mom ran upstairs after about 20 minutes. "Honey you know I wouldn't be able to go with you....." i cut her off again "I don't care I'm just gonna give up on my dream now because its impossible to make it on Disney." "Em let me finish. Instead I got you one ticket to go to LA and i rented you a hotel room." "You did what!" Before I could ask about when she did that my mom gave me the ticket and told me to start packing because LA is a long way from home.

2 days later~

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