Being Me (Cameron Boyce Story)

Emily was always a girl with big dreams. She loves singing, acting, and playing guitar. Shes a huge fan of ariana grande and peyton list. She has a crush on cameron boyce but he hasnt noticed her before. Will her dreams come true? Will she meet her idols? Will he notice her?


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13 July 3


I woke up to the sun beaming through the bright red curtains in my hotel room. Lazily, I got up and headed into the shower. I grabbed my coconut scented body wash and lathered into onto my body and lastly I shampooed my hair. As soon as I stepped out of the shower the cold air hit me causing me to shiver. I grabbed my towel and headed into the bedroom to pick out my outfit for the day. I pulled out some light wash denim jeans and a white crop top. I got dressed and headed onto my YouTube channel. I skimmed through some of the comments that I had on my YouTube channel and luckily there wasn't that much hate. Some people mentioned Disney and that's when it hit me.


On July 22 or 23 I had my auditions and I haven't chosen a decent song. I quickly scrambled to the corner of the room where I had placed my guitar and started to practice strumming it. After about 10 minutes of strumming I went on my MacBook and decided to search some songs that would suit my voice. That's when I came across "Fall" by Justin Bieber. That was my absolute favorite song and I already knew how to sing it but the only down side was I had to learn to play it on my guitar. As soon as I started to practicing the song on the guitar my phone rang. It was my mom calling me probably to check up on me. You know how mothers are.


(Me: Italic) (Mom: Bold)


Hey Mom!


Hey Emily how's LA?


It's alright you called me right when I was practicing my song for the audition.


Oh I'm sorry about that! I just called to check up on you.


(told you)


Oh, well I'm fine haha.


So any boys?


Oh my gosh mom! No call me later I'm practicing right now!


Right.. Okay bye sweetie! Love you.


And with that I hung up the phone. My mother always had some way to make me feel embarrassed. I wonder what even made her ask me a question like that. Anyways I continued practicing my song for some time. Later I felt the need to post a YouTube video to see what people think of my cover. Me being the idiot I am, I didn't bring my camera that records good video so I had to use my iPhone.


While I was recording the video I got a text from Cameron saying


From: Cameronnnnn


Heyy Emily (; meet me at the set for Jessie.


To: Cameronnnnn




I wonder what he wanted me to go there for and yes I do know where the set it because that's where my audition will be. Now you may be thinking how am I supposed to get there if I'm only 14. Well, I left the hotel room and called myself a cab because there was no way that I was going to be taking the bus. Especially, since I'm kind of considered famous. I don't know that's what I've been hearing on twitter. But anyways the cab had arrived and I gave him the address. About 15 minutes later we were there and I walked inside the studio to be greeted by Peyton and Cameron. Also, Debby Ryan and Sky Jackson. The rest of the crew was somewhere else and I didn't bother to go around and find them. "Em I want you to meet the director." Cameron cooed in my ear. "Oh umm okay?" I said sort of in a question rather then in a normal answer.


I was thinking to myself why he wanted me to meet the director until I bumped into someone while I was walking with him. "Oh umm I'm sorry." I looked up to see no other then....



hey guys I finally updated! I'm gonna start updating more often now (: while you're at it check out my YouTube videos on my channel; Ceces Corner the link is in my bio

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