The story of a girl called Emma.

She is 18 years old and she is now the most popular girl in her school.All the boys fall for her,all the girls envy her.There was one guy who changed her life.....But he ignored her completely.He was just always ignored,she had all the peoples attention,She had the ignorance of a badboy,Will she steal His heart? Or will she receive his hate?

"Just a friend"


3. "He Likes me,Everyone likes me,Im Emma Smith!"

- How about him?- pointed to one of the bookworms sitting on the front seat
.- Tomlinson , the point is that it bothers him -I said seriously- not to cause him laughter..
- And how do you known who to choose, and will follow the game - wonder

Youll see -I Answer- , Nobody in their right mind would refuse a date with Emma Smith!
-he pointed to one of the team members- Him?
I do not know ... maybe -if I turned toward the door , and I change my mind - Why not him? - I said as I continued to look at a boy, to be honest ive never paid attention to him..
- HIM? - He asked incredulously
- Yes ...He is the opposite of Matt - tight black jeans , basic white shirt, black leather jacket. - Who is he -? ask because as I said earlier mind , I had never paid attention to him and Wow was he attractive!

- Forget it ... he wont like you in a million years ... - He said smiling-
-Lou nobody rejects ... 

- He will... as you can see , he does not like the 'delicate flowers'' like  you, -did he just call me  a delicate flower?-
- And how do you know that? -that could not be true , he would fall for me like all the others .
-Emma It s logical - I answer - he Drives a motorcycle , uses leather jacket -he described -You even use heels for school! - he is somewhat right....-, even people who are 50 miles away can see that you guys are not compatible, even I realized, and I m a guy .
Louis , I'm not marrying him - I chuckled- I just want him for a few days.we don't need to be compatible.
- Think what you want, but when he rejects you,dont call me for your 'revenge' on Matt.
 - When he rejects me?  - ask indignantly

Oh of course he will

 no he wont .

. Do you want to bet? - he smiled
- How much do you want to lose? - I answered secure
- How much ?-he laughed -Lets make it more interesting...- If you win you ...

-he  said so I could complete the sentence-
- If I win ... - I thought for a moment-, If I win,youll do a all my finals, that's enough and to spare. Final papers a lot and I hate them!. So it would be a good punishment for my wide mouthed friend.
And if I win- you have to do the impossible to become best friends with Kate ... - Shit!, now my ' punishment ' was nothing compared to his- , and if she refuses, you will insist until you have her friendship  - he smiled -youll have to beg,get down on your knees and say ,Please be my fwiend :3- 
 Shut up,I already understand,asshole-
'Well,' replied holding his hand out to me - I will not give deadline, as he surely will tell you  no the minute you speek, so I'm sure you get tired and say ' Oh Louis you're right you're the smartest guy ever, and now I'm looking for my best friend  Kate'-he said in a shrill voice
Lou - I love you ... but you're an idiot -I said laughing and taking his hand before turning ,now that  the teacher had entered the classroom.

- What's  his name? - now that i just knew of its existence ,it really intrigued me . He was handsome enough to go unnoticed from my eyes .
 I turned my head to see him, but a small paper ball hit my head ,I turn even more to annihilate the look at Louis , who was just moving his lips saying ' read it ' .

I Took  the paper and stretched it in order to read his letter . '  He wont pay attention to you ' I laughed when I read it, took a pen and wrote : ' Why don't you start finishing my work,cutie:)' I threw back the ball with the intention to hit him.

 The class was more than just 'slow'. Why do we  need it? Whats the use of History,of learning all of those dates?
 I pretended to put all the world's attention to the teacher ,who kept talking .....

- today's class is over -  the great bell rang as I go into action.

 i immediately began to organize the books and rushed to the door , waited a bit since my goal seemed to be writing a message on his phone

 He took his backpack and started walking toward the door, so i ran into him.
- Hi ... - I greet with my best smile. -Wow ,heis even more attractive up close , I thought . His hair was black . his eyes were  brown,who  were deep as the very sea . His skin was slightly tanned. But what caught my attention were his lips, perfectly defined , exceptional thickness with the exact moisture to make them shine and make them twice as provocative. 'I'm Emma- I held out my hand to him .
- Oh yeah - said with a hint of emotion -Louis you're stupid , I thought victoriously - as much as I thought he could reject -I smiled at the sweet tone that I used - I don't care ... - he changed his  'sweet' tone to one completely cold.
 hewent around me and walked out the door with long strides . -But what the hell was that !- Iwas spitting fire.
- I told you ... - Louis singing in my ear-
- Sure you told him to ignore me -it was totally impossible for a man to refuse my charms .
Emma,Face it you have no chance with someone of that 'type'-he said passing his arm around my shoulder . - I recommend that you give up ... -he kissed my cheek ive heard that Kate loves comedy movies .
- And why are you telling me this? - I asked as we walked to the door
Well you have to be her BFF,so you should know things about her -he was about to burst out laughing at me but I warned him not to.
Listen Tomlinson,-I saidseriously-He will be mine... -I pressed  my index finger into his chest. And he 's going to regret this ... - I meant about a few moments ago .
You look confident... - he said with a wicked smile on his face-
- I don't look confident ... - I copied his smile- I am.


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