The story of a girl called Emma.

She is 18 years old and she is now the most popular girl in her school.All the boys fall for her,all the girls envy her.There was one guy who changed her life.....But he ignored her completely.He was just always ignored,she had all the peoples attention,She had the ignorance of a badboy,Will she steal His heart? Or will she receive his hate?

"Just a friend"


1. "A Good Face And Body Wont Last Forever"


~~- Are you breaking up with me?! -I asked ridiculously, with my eyes about to leave its orbit.


I'm sorry Emma  - he answered my question, I think it's for the best.

-For the Best?! -I  laughed bitterly - Best for who Matt?! - You could not do this to me!

-For you! - he said-...............for me !

-No - Fixing my hair - You can not do this ... - I shook my head- Babe,it isn't that long for Prom....... - I went to him and touched his cheek gently- And you and I have to go together, I changed the tone of my voice to a softer one - ... and we ARE a beautiful couple- I took his hands and put them on my waist and softly put mine around his neck .

I got lost in his beautiful brown eyes. Matt was just perfect. Lovely eyes of an amazing coffee color.......brown , wavy hair , white skin with small polka dots scattered over it. Smiling and looking as handsome as he always is.

- You see ... - walked away removing his hands from mine -  you only care what others think ... - looked at me earnestly-All you care about is popularity ... - ran his hand through his hair , I want more than that Emma... - He approached again - I want something more than fake love and sex - stroked my cheek -Your amazing-

 I smiled- But this isn't right for us... - he gave me a kiss on the forehead, turned around walking to his car.



- He dumped me?- I still could not believe it. -HE CAN NOT DO THAT! I am Emma Smith!! - I kept screaming in my mind,while standing on the sidewalk outside my house.

 -I entered my house in shock- It can not stay like this! -I yelled angrily-

- What happened? - my worried mother asked as she went down the stairs-
- Matt broke up with me- I covered my face with despair-
-Oh baby... - she said...- Too bad , I liked him-
 My boyfriend broke up with me and she told me ' Too bad , I liked him 'she could not be more Cold , just because it's summer .
-Yeah ... Im sorry too- I slowly climbed the stairs-
-  Emma...-Mom interrupted my thoughts- He is not the only boy in the world , get yourself another - see what I mean by ' Cold '- 'Why don't you call a friend and spend the afternoon with them."
 - Great - ' if I had any '- I mockingly finished the sentence in my mind-.

 Let's say having 'girlfriends' is not my best subject. Why do it? You don't need any, when all the guys are at your feet and the handsome captain of the football team in your hands. Well....team captain not so much on my hands. But he wont take much to return.

 I went to my room and throwed my purse on one of the pink chairs that decorated the room. Let my slippers in the back of my bed-
I Took my cordless phone and then let it fall into the padding.

-Louis-I heared his ' Hello? ' on The other side of the line.

- Maybe I don't have ' friends ' ..... Okay, I had no friends. But I have Louis . He is my Best Friend.-
- Emma - He replied using the same tone I used with him.
- I need you ... - I said
- What happened? - He asked a little worried
- Can you come? - I answered with another question-
-Sure ... Ill be there in 5 minutes.-

 I was lying down for a few moments staring at the ceiling , suddenly I heared two knocks on the door,i turned around and saw Louis enter.

- Is everything ok?-He walked to where I was and flopped on the bed next to me.
-No ... nothing is ok... -I answered serious-
'What happened? ... -he laughed
- Matt broke up with me ... - I talked to him,and instead of receiving "moral support" ,he just laughed,like........really loud-
"Danm ...he took a long time... - still laughing-
-What - ? !- I Yelled without understanding-
-Just Ignore me ... - He smiled-.............ajuh? Keep talking!-
'He said I only care what others thought , and he wanted more than just sex and superficiality.
- Did he really say that? - he asked surprisingly  - How does it feel Emma?- He laughed, I simply try to understand his question - How does it feel that someone does not want to have sex with you?
-Louis - you're stupid ... - I said annoyingly -I called you just so you could help me,now your just making fun of me!-I sat on the bed ,giving him my complete ignorance-
 Emma,what do you want me to say?That hes a jerk?do you want me to punch him when im only telling you the truth?!-He said-he stood up with his arms crossed and closed his eyes-

Emma you're just upset because he broke up with you you ... because absolutely nobody had ever broke up with the 'Gorgeous and popular Emma Smith'.
-Louis - I interrupted-
'You're my Best friend and I love you , just because of that ... I told you the truth - he came to me and hugged me -Your Pretty face and great body will not last forever-He whisper in my ear , kissed my cheek and walked to the door.
Thanks idiot ... you helped me a lot! - I yelled with noticeable sarcasm.
- I love you too - I heard from the hallway and I could not help but laugh.

 I Spent Day and night thinking What the idiot Loui said. he was Probably right , surely it was just a Shock. It was the first time a guy left me . I usually get bored of them and dismissed as a used tissue .......................... Although it was true , a pretty face and good body does not last forever .



                                                          +*Hows it going Bros!*+

Well This is My first chapter,of my first Movella!!,Im super excited,I Really need to know if you guys want more.I can make a marathon,im not really asking for a lot of readers,im just asking for readers who think "WOW,i think ill like this series"


Next time ill dedicate it to one of my readers!<3


Att.Yernie Malik!<3




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