Huntress for the Devil.

No Name, that is what she is known as. She is the lone huntress that captures souls by hunting the human and murdering them, securing them in hidden places around the world. Everyone in hell knows who she is and how powerful she is. But her name? Never mind that. But one day the devil makes her do his work in her personalized style.


4. Scroll #4

Red screamed in pure disgust and launched toward where Tom stood. Tom caught her in his arms and brought them both to the ground. He laughed and a huge sword came from his mouth, she merely dodged it and watched and Tom's chest rose off the ground as the blade traveled back in his mouth. She lent on the couch and waited for the man to wipe the blood off the corners of his mouth.

             Tom sat back up and looked at her with a smile on his face.

              "You're a producer. Why does the devil want me to kill you?" Red almost screamed at the man. 

              "And you're a demon, a beautiful one at that. Oh and he didn't send you to kill me, he sent you so that you and I could team up." Tom answered nonchalantly.

              "But the dagger-"

              "The dagger does not tell you what your mission is. The devil knew that you would not do anything with a partner. However he is getting old, and he needs someone to do his bidding, so he choose us. The two most powerful creatures in hell. By the way, you are an excellent kisser." Tom explained the huge situation in a small way.

             Red just sat there with disgust and conflicting emotions written across her face. 

             "But-so, we are doing the devil's bidding together?"

             Tom nodded his head. "This is where, we are going to live, together. He is going to send letters that explain what we need to do. As for now, we wait." A grin stretched across Red's face.

             "Guess I'll just have to make the best of this."

             Tom smiled as Red reached into her stomach, tearing her own skin apart. She ran her fingers across the blade of the dagger and pulled it out of her. Her skin reattached itself and Red raised the dagger to the sky, suddenly thrusting it across the room into the wall.

            Tom looked at her with curiosity and Red just shrugged. A flicker of admiration dashed across Red's eyes. Ant this time Red was the one to kiss Tom.

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