Huntress for the Devil.

No Name, that is what she is known as. She is the lone huntress that captures souls by hunting the human and murdering them, securing them in hidden places around the world. Everyone in hell knows who she is and how powerful she is. But her name? Never mind that. But one day the devil makes her do his work in her personalized style.


3. Scroll #3

He and the girl sat down on his couch. The house was cozy and warm. Something that she wasn't used to. She was used to the cold un-nerving format of her hole in hell.

              "My name is Tom, by the way, what's yours?" Tom said and shook the girls hand.

              The girl shivered and froze at the same time. She had never asked for what her name was for all the days she has been alive. Nobody dared to do what he just did because the were afraid that she would kill them.

               She forced a smile onto her face and answered with "Red, people call me Red." Her voice was even with the twisted metaphor that she just stated.

                "That's a pretty name to go with a pretty face. So, what do you want to know?" Tom was definitely trying to get Red to like him, no there was something deeper, love.

                "Oh, um I don't really need to know about anything round here. I just wanted to get to know my neighbor if that's okay with you." The girl mustered up some kind of girl-ish blush on her face at the end of her question. For a demon who wasn't used t getting to know her victims she was practically a master. Better than I've seen other demons do.

                 Tom chuckled. "Well, I'm an Actor and that's all that really interests people." Red' looked up at Tom.

                 "Well I'm interested in more." Tom smiled and leaned closer to 'Red'.

                 "What about you, what do you do?" Red leaned in closer to him.

                 "I have a rich daddy that does everything for me, I'm talent less. "Tom shook his head at this.

                 "I can tell you aren't."

                 And with those words, Tom's lips fell upon 'Reds'. And in that moment something that looked almost pained flashed across 'Reds' face. And Tom growled pushing 'Red' off of him and across the room.

                 Red's back hit the wall, and with that action. A fight broke out.

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