Huntress for the Devil.

No Name, that is what she is known as. She is the lone huntress that captures souls by hunting the human and murdering them, securing them in hidden places around the world. Everyone in hell knows who she is and how powerful she is. But her name? Never mind that. But one day the devil makes her do his work in her personalized style.


2. Scroll #2

The blade read as follows; An actor, mysterious yet intriguing. This is you target, get close to him. And one night when the feeling is right, kill him and transport him to the woods just five minutes from his house and bury him there. One kiss is all that is needed.

                The girl was on her way to England; where the victim resides. On her way up to earth she completely changed her form. Her long dark hair turned into a short messy bob. Her face was the same except her eyes changed to bright green ones and her lips slowly morphed into a soft pink. It was disgusting to any demon or creature that roamed the hell's. Her body didn't change that much, besides her height. She was always really short in her human form. The wings dissipated and became tattoos on her back. Her wardrobe changed from the blue dress to black skinnies, combat boots, and a Micky Mouse sweater. 

                   Once she finally landed on earth and started to walk toward her destination, his home, she stopped and almost puked with the sight of her. A hand searched her back pocket and came out with a pack of cigarettes and a blue lighter, fun. As she walked the smell of warm flesh drifted towards her as humanity came into view. Well, now she knew where the woods were. That's where the devil placed her.

                    His home was a huge mansion with many disgusting scents to it. Personally she enjoyed her natural scent better. Burnt hair and rotting flesh. But in this form she smelled like an angel, how revolting. she thought.

                    As she took steps toward his home she spotted movement from the front gates. From her place on the sidewalk it seemed as if he had a guest. But no, there he was looking like a posh bastard.

                    Her steps slowed as she neared and he looked up at her. She was about five feet from where he stood looking at her.

                    "What are you doing?" His voice was gruff but definitely had an English accent.

                    "I'm new to the area, I was just exploring. Sorry, I'll leave." The demon made her voice as sweet and seductive as possible.

                     The man's facial expression changed. "Oh, no. It's my fault for being so rude. New in the neighborhood huh? Why don't you come in and have some tea, I'll answer some questions that you probably have."

                      She nodded her head and followed behind him. She resisted the urge to rip him to shreds right then and there. The taste of his blood would definitely be a treat for her when her job was done. As she walked into his house, she could barely stand to let the man live. This was going to be a challenge.

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