Huntress for the Devil.

No Name, that is what she is known as. She is the lone huntress that captures souls by hunting the human and murdering them, securing them in hidden places around the world. Everyone in hell knows who she is and how powerful she is. But her name? Never mind that. But one day the devil makes her do his work in her personalized style.


1. Scroll #1

Each step she took echoed throughout the hall. She was on her way to the devil. In her true form; Long messy black hair, with a face as sleek and round as the moon on a clear night, that held a pair of black beady eyes and a petite nose that was just above a set of black lips that always looked to have a red stain between them. Like she drank blood and didn't have time to wipe it off. Her body was curvy and was just the finishing touch to a pair of large wings that had been almost torn out from her back. There was a puffy redness around where they came out. Let's not forget to thorn and stained deep blue dress the hung loosely from her body. She was truly a sight to behold.

             As other creatures and demon's passed her they gave her a curious look that was instantly wipe from their faces as the noticed how she would look back at them, with her look of lust. Lust for good murder.

             The red walls seemed to completely wash over with blood each step she took that brought her closer to all the devil's layer. She was not afraid though. Only exited for whatever reason he requested her personally. She finally entered the devil's layer, which smelled like rotting bodies and cigarette smoke.

              She laughed to herself. All creatures and demons that resided in hell always smoked. It didn't harm them like it harmed humans. Actually it was good for our kind.

               The devil turned toward her.

               "Ah, just who I was looking for." His voice cracked with a cackle that haunted even the most notorious criminal's. All the girl did was nod her head and look at him curiously.

               "I want you to do my bidding for me. The last guy got caught while doing this mission so ....... let's just say I fired him. This human is a thirty one year old man. You can go at it any way you want but you can't just kill him straight out of the red. You need to get close to him. Everything you will need is carved into a blade that I got for you. The words will change each time you get a new victim. You may go on your way now." He didn't let her have a say. He didn't need to. The devil already knew that she would take the job.

                 The devil chucked the dagger to her. She caught it and looked at the blade. In it, there was a small writing that told her exactly what to do to begin. But then she was on her own. A small and un-common laugh came from the beast.

                  "Love is a weird thing. Maybe I will do this for you." And with those words out of her mouth, she was already gone.

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