almost human

2014 was the end of the world. This is the new world. There is a race called HeLas they are diffrent but all want the same thing, survival. Zaira is but one of hundreds of HeLas, her friend Ailbe and her will travel to safty will they meet Allie's along the way? (Trigger warning)


2. trapped with worlds worst jerk

  a/n there is a POV (A.K.A point of view)

"So can you fix them?" Zaira asked hope glistening in her eyes "sadly-" Ennis started and Zaira's hope faded.

"no I can't, but! There is a place that can. A small village about twelve days walk away. There they can fix your wings I suggest you find Ailbe on your way" Ennis explained.

"What about Kian? Won't he hunt me down or something?" Zaira smiled sheepishly
"That asshole would have guards on your rump before tomorrow's sundown" Ennis growled.

 "I suggest you go and gather your things before you get on your journey" she clarified

"yes, thank you for everything Ennis" Zaira hugged her older friend and walked out of the infirmary. 

She walked through the streets with shops and houses seeing HeLas who were covered in dirt and grime walking too and from the crops, not every one was as fortunate as Zaira. She only had it good because of her betrothal. Although she secretly would rather be in the dirt than forever with Faolan who seemed love her as much as she loved him. 

When she walked to her house she had an unsettled feeling in her gut. And hesitated to reach her door handle. 'No harm right?' She thought opening her door and taking a step in. She took off her black shoes and walked forward to her kitchen. 

"Ah hello, I see your home" said a smug Faolan sitting on a marble counter twirling a banana in his left hand.

 "what are you doing in my house?" Zaira barked scowling at the boy.

 "awe, come on Sahara you could be a little nicer to your future husband y'know" he said and started swinging his legs.

"One its Zaira. Two I am not married to you so I can say what the hell I want. And that means saying your leaving." Said the angry girl standing opposite to the smirking boy.

"My father says I must watch you, as in house arrest so I can't leave" Faolan slipped off the counter and closer to Zaira who was fuming. 

"Your actually pretty cute when your angry, you know that?" He said. Zaira didn't know whether to be insulted or not.

"You think I'm cute when I'm angry?" Zaira said sarcastically "mhmm" Faolan mumbled stepping closer.

"Well get ready because I'm about to be gorgeous" wolf attacks? No problem, crazy new person in town easy peasy, human attack? There would be some balking, Faolan trying to get you in bed? Zaira had the sudden urge to walk the other direction. 

"Fiesty I like that" Faolan whispered in Zaira's ear "back off"was her only response.

"Pity you don't like me. Every other female HeLa would kill to have me. Why not you?" Faolan asked 

"Pity the poor females don't have brains" Zaira spat.

"Ah I like you" Faolan breathed letting his long brown hair turn white.

"but I don't like you" Zaira growled.

"Too bad, your mine and that's what counts" Faolan said. And Zaira had enough she backed up about arms length and slapped Faolan, a crack was heard when her hand met his cheek. 
"Wow I never thought you would do that" Faolan rubbed his burning cheek anger flooded through him as he wanted to smack back. He wouldn't though, his father would be furious.

"Surprised? Well you haven't seen the pissed side of me jus-" Zaira all of the sudden started feeling dizzy, her vision was getting blurry and the only thing keeping her slightly awake was the sharp pain her wings were kindly giving her "ah now your mine for sure" Faolan said before Zaira fell going into complete darkness.

Zaira POV (A/N I know I haven't done a pov yet so I'm doing one every so often)

I woke up feeling light headed and in my bed. Who knows what Faolan did to me while I was sleeping. Or better yet what I did? I've heard tales about him able to posses people for his own pleasure. I never thought it was true not many people did. I heard my bed room door open and I quickly shut my eyes, steadied out my breathing and let my body go limp. 

"Awe you don't fool me Zaira I know when my powers wear off on people" He paced closer to me, it gave me an unsettle feeling I seemed to have those lately.
"Oh you do now huh?" I mumbled sarcastically hoping maybe I could get out of my own house so I can have my wings back.

"What time is it?" I asked

"its about 10: 30 pm. Why would you ask that?" Faolan said his right cheek where I slapped him was still red. Cheers to myself.
"Can I not be curious about time?" I sat up and turned so I could stand and face him and I did so with joy. 

"I guess not" he answered. He, he sounds happy? Awe shit what did he do? 
"Well I'm hungry and we have no other choice but to go to a restaurant. I have no food in my place" I say going to walk past him

"no need, while you were sleeping my father brought some food" Faolan said and walked to the kitchen. Just what I need.




Watch the end through dying eyes

now the dark is taking over  

Show me where forever dies

 Take the fall and run to heaven

 All is lost again

But I'm not giving in ~ breakin benjamin

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