almost human

2014 was the end of the world. This is the new world. There is a race called HeLas they are diffrent but all want the same thing, survival. Zaira is but one of hundreds of HeLas, her friend Ailbe and her will travel to safty will they meet Allie's along the way? (Trigger warning)


1. banished knowing the truth

2014 was the end of the world. This is the new world.

Year Of: 2085

"Why the hell did you bring me here Ailbe?" Zaira asked crouched down behind a stone wall.

 "I wanna see what humans look like!" Ailbe said in an excited tone. 

 "How do you know humans are real?" Zaira asked 

"where do you get the legends ?" Ailbe asked 

Zaira shrugged "exactly! Some one must have experienced these legends or they are not real" 

"Ailbe, your the most insane HeLa I have ever met" Zaira rolled her eyes.

 "awe! Thanks Zaira! You are so sweet!" Ailbe said sarcastically and Zaira scoffed rolling her eyes again 

"what would you like on your grave stone? 'Ailbe died and these were his last words hey guys watch this'?" Zaira asked.

 "at least I died knowing the truth" Ailbe smirked

"If you reach the truth" Zaira mumbled as she pulled back her light brown hair. "your so blunt" Ailbe whined and made a poutty face.

Zaira smiled at her best friend. "Tis what I do best" Ailbe nodded agreeing with her every word, she was the fire that burned deep within him. He loved her with a friendly passion. He took lead and Zaira followed, like they always did. 

Zaira flew over the tall stone wall while carrying Ailbe, once on the other side of the wall Zaira wrapped her shinning emerald wings around her waist and used them like a skirt that went nicely with her yellow/green top and gloves.

 They walked in a ruined New York, with buildings the size of sky scrappers covered in moss, the graveled road cracked and broken, garbage littered the ground. The pair looked in awe.

"were theses things built by humans?" Ailbe asking rubbing off some durt on a Volts Wagon bug.

 "impossible, humans don't exist" Zaira raised her eyebrows, she had never ever seen anything like this.

"Get them!" Voices echoed around the ruined city Ailbe turned his head same time Zaira did and they saw humans, running at them "they are real.." Ailbe paused and stared at them like a deer in headlights. while his blue scales on his back ruffled like Zaira's feathers in the cool breeze. The said girl sighed, they had to get out. She ran getting her wings ready. And then Zaira flew over and grabbed Ailbe and  took off.

 "hurry!" Ailbe yelled.

"what do you think I'm doing?" Zaira yelled back. Multiple loud bangs were heard. And all of the sudden Zaira had trouble flying and she started to fall and her wings hit the wall that separated the HeLas from humans and she fell her wings now trashed and ruined like the new world they just saw.

"are they broken?" She asked holding back tears "well I really don't want to answer that one" Ailbe said with concern "how bad?" Zaira cried.

 "pretty bad..."
"Can they be fixed?"
"Probably not..."

"Well damn, what's Kian going to say?" Zaira asked

"probably, he will banish us" Ailbe said sadly 

"this is all your fault" Zaira cried some more covering her blue eyes with her pale hands.

"my fault? You had the choice to-" Ailbe was cut off by a familiar voice that every one hated 

"you disobeyed orders and are too young to be hung so you are banished from our village, we shall never see the sight of you again" Kian had walked over to the couple 

"leave Ailbe, no one can see a disgrace such as you again. Zaira as much as I would love to banish you. You are betrothed to my son. And therefore I cannot. But do not try any more stunts your wings are perished, but a healer may be able to fix them" Kian said emotionless.

"yes Kian" Zaira said sharply. Ailbe was walking to the woods and Zaira was walking to the infirmary. Her wings hurt but not as much as her heart, Ailbe was her closest friend now gone. Banished, and she had to marry some asshole just because her parents couldn't pay the rest of the price.

"Oh my! Zaira! What happened?" Came an older voice Zaira smiled it was Ennis she knew her from way back when her parents still lived.

"Crash landing?" She tried

"I may not be able to fix this. But its worth a try, how is Ailbe?" Ennis asked

Zaira winced tears threatening to fall from her infamous eyes. "h-he was b-banished" she finally choked out and Ennis looked sad

"I'm sorry, I know what Ailbe meant to you..." Ennis said apologetically.



Mean while, Ailbe was walking through woods mumbling and forcing back tears. Zaira was everything to him, at least he know humans are real

"maybe I could go back? Rescue Zaira? Before she gets married?  Yeah, no. I don't want a death wish" he mumbled to himself. Ailbe started to climb a tree and sit down. He felt he had been walking for hours, in reality it was probably 30 minutes. Soon he fell asleep.

"Zaira faster, faster! Damn it Zaira! Their right there!" I yelled


"what do you think I'm doing?" Zaira asked just when we heard loud bangs, that Zaira started to fall and I saw a hole in her left wing. She crashed into the wall and we tumbled and rolled on the ground and the humans had spears and sticks and they started with Zaira and then they went with me.

"AAAGGGHHH" Ailbe woke from his nightmare and saw a snake in front of him he backed up with eyes ever so huge. The snake just hissed at him, it did nothing to threaten Ailbe and he start to calm. But he still had his guard up. 

"please don't kill me" he whined squinting his eyes. the snake nodded and hissed, Ailbe was extremely shocked and curious.

"can you under stand me?" Ailbe asked and the snake nodded and hissed again.

"Were you a HeLa?" Ailbe mumbled the snake just nodded its small head. "Well if that's the case will you help me survive this? I'll help you!" Ailbe explained the snake hissed and slithered closer to Ailbe. "Just you and I buddy just you and I" 

And we didn't know we couldn't  go on forever,
All we are is broken glass,
Thrown to the floor, we were never meant to last,
And all we are, are empty shells,
Try to pick us up your gunna cut your self -- three days grace.

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