Save him, Save The World.

Lola is girl with kind heart she's always trying to find the good in people. Lola try's to find the good in Loki when he arrives out of no where. Will Loki end up falling for a mortal and end up changing into softy or will he try and change her?


10. chapter ten.-I Can Give You The World Part3.


I was out for a little joy walk even though it's past hours to be out right now it's Loki's new rule not to go out after dark.

"You're out after dark."

I heard Loki's cold voice.

"Yeah so what." I snapped at him.

"Well you're a rule breaker!" He came up to me and gripped onto my collar of my shirt.

"So I don't care." I jabbed him in the shoulder.

I watched as jolted backwards clasping his hand onto his shoulder. He gave me a death glare. His eyes went into a deep blue like the night sky.

"LOLA! Kill her!" He screamed.

Out of no where Lola popped out she lunged at me knocking me down. My head hit the hard road soon I was feeling dizzy I'm sure that my head was bleeding.

"Lola stop and think okay realize what you're about to do." I said softy.

I heard her knife drop to the ground she got up and stood there.

"What are you doing kill her!" He demanded.

She became tear eyed and started crying she put her head on my shoulder tears just streaming down her face.

"I'm soo sorry I don't know what...came over me." She looked at me.

"It's okay i forgive you." I hugged her.

I saw Loki walking this way soon Lola was ripped out of my arms I watched as they took off.


I gently pushed her onto the floor of our room.

"What was that!!! You were suppose to kill her!!!! But instead you disobey me!! What made you stop from killing her!" I snapped at her.

"For one don't you dare yell at me!! Two she's bests friend excuse me best friend!! There's no way that I would kill her!" She came up to me and started crying.

I rolled my eyes at this and pushed her away.

"Next time when I say something for you do you better do it." I glared at her.

"Make me!" She growled right at me.

I went up to her I was getting ready to smack her when.

"IM SORRY!!! Please next time I will listen to you please don't hurt me....I'm pregnant!" She cried even harder this time she was wrapped around my legs while she was crying.

My whole world seemed to freeze as the words I'm pregnant echoed through my head. My eyes widen as I didn't know what to do or how to react to this. I was so messed up that I just walked away from her. I went back down earth I just went on a rampage I was killing people from left to right. When I finally felt like I was calmed down a bit I sat down on a bench. I was clearing my head then this sudden pang of guilt rushed over me like a tidal wave. I don't know why I never felt guilty for killing someone. I felt tears roll down my face then I broke out crying then the thought of almost hitting my wife popped in my head I broke out crying even harder. After what felt like forever of clearing my thoughts I became back to normal me. I went back home to hear soft crying from our room I walked in and saw Lola crying to herself in a corner.

"Oh shhh no darling don't cry!" I ran over to her wrapped her in my arms.

"I knew you would react that way once i would've told you." She looked into my eyes her eyes were a darker green from being upset.

"It's okay shhh don't cry I'm not mad I just had to take care of some business." I gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah right..."

She pushed my face away when I try giving her another one.

"Listen to me I'm not mad I'm happy that we're going to have a baby." I said wrapping my arms around her.

I heard sniffle and smiled there we go she's stopping.

"You're not..mad." She said softly.

"No I'm not mad about that in sorry about earlier for ordering you to kill you're friend." I nuzzled my head on her shoulder.


"Are you sure." I whispered her in ear.

"Yes I'm sure." She whispered back.

"Good." I whispered back.

"Oh you're shoulder!" She turned around and looked at it.

"I'll be fine I promise." I smiled at her.

"Are you sure." She said taking another look at it.

"Yes I'm sure." I took her hand and placed it mine.

I smiled again I loved holding her soft hands I loved how warm they are.

"Now let's talk about something else here oh I know we need to start watching people more often on earth whenever it becomes dark at one side we have to make sure nobody comes out then the other side is all good as long as they don't betray us. Now when people come out after dark I say give them three warnings then after the third should be a sentenced to death. What do you say?" I looked over at her.

"Ummm...noo you're not tricking me to be evil again!" I shouted at him.

"So help me!!! Oh you're going to rather you like it or not!" I pinned her to the wall and glared right at her.

"Oh really then make me! Cause there is no that is happening after what I almost did cause of you!"

"You wanna bet on that sweetie cause I will make you just you watch I'll catch you when you're off guard. You get off the hook for right now and you better be lucky!" I hit them wall with my fist which was next to her head.

"Will see about that." She smirked.

I smirked back oh she's good. I grabbed her and kissed her. I took once glance at her and walked off. Thinking of how I'm going to get her to be evil again.

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