Save him, Save The World.

Lola is girl with kind heart she's always trying to find the good in people. Lola try's to find the good in Loki when he arrives out of no where. Will Loki end up falling for a mortal and end up changing into softy or will he try and change her?


1. Chapter One-The crash


"Amber! Where did you put my car keys!" I yelled from the living room.

"Oh there hanging on the key rack!" She shouted from the kitchen.

"No wonder i can't find them! You know I don't use the key rack!" I walked into the kitchen to get the keys off the rack.

"Well you should use it or someday you're gonna lose you're keys."

"I haven't used that thing since we got it and I still haven't lost my keys." I said looking over at her.

"Well when you do don't come crawling to me when you do." She smiled over at me.

"Im not gonna cause I'm not going to lose my keys!"

That's when we heard a crash in the backyard. We ran out there and saw our picnic table crushed then that's when I saw a man stand up and turn around. My eyes grew wide I looked over at Amber who's eyes were wide too.

"Please tell me I'm not the only one seeing this man wearing some weird type of amour standing in our yard." She said softly.

"Nope cause I'm seeing it too." I stood there in shock.

I didn't even notice the other guy who came barging in.


We turned around to see a guy wearing sliver type of amour with a red cape holding a hammer glaring over at this Loki guy.

"Will you stop following me!" He snapped.

"No not till you come home!" The other guy snapped.

"I will never return home....I don't belong there...I have no home." He looked down at the ground.

"Loki you do have home you're my brother!"

"I am not you're brother! They haven't told you the truth about where I really come from." He snapped again.

He then turns around I'm not sure what happened it looked like he zapped him or something. Then the guy who standing at our sliding door flew backwards and flew throw the wall and went straight into the living room. I watched as he came running right into That Loki guy crashing him into the shed that we have.

"HEY!" I said really loudly.

They both stop and stare and me.

"I don't know what's going on here but will you two stop!" I glared at both of them.

"Now will one of you explain what's going on here?" My friend said helping me out.

"Long story now mind you're own business you puny peasants!" The one wearing the red cape glared over at us.

"Who you calling puny!! And what gives you the right to call us peasants!" I walked over to them while glaring at.

"I like her already she's so feisty." I looked over at Loki who was smiling at me.

"Loki this is no time for games come home please."

"Never!" He snapped.

I watched as whoever this guy was the one wearing the red cape just walk off.

Loki just stood there he looked kinda sad in a way.

"Listen Loki is it."

He looked at me.

"Careful there don't get to close with him his trouble." His brother came back.

I just stood there.

"His trouble...he almost destroyed the world last year."

"His the one...from last year who..who." I stopped in dead in my sentence how did I not recognise them!

I had take deep breaths to stop myself from having a panic attack.

"It was all over the news last year how we had extra trials and all that. Back at New York. Sometimes I wish I was there to see what it would have been like but you know nothing really happens here in Waterville Point." I said look at the damage the caused.

"Yeah she's right on that nothing happens here it all happens in New York." My friend joined in.

"Seems like a quiet place here mind if I settle in."

Did I just hear that right the guy who went crazy and caused mass destruction wants to settle here! But then again like I always say there's good in everyone maybe this will be my chance to find the good he has! If he has any.

"Uh sure." I said.

"Then I'm staying too." His brother joined in.


I looked over at my friend who was dancing.

"Calm down Amber!" I said quickly.

"Sorry the last time I checked we didn't have a superhero or villain living here! And it's interesting! I mean come remember what you said nothing much happens here well look what we just got!" She said.

She had a point there. Gosh dang it.

"Fine but if they stare at you like freak it's not my fault." I looked over them. I found it odd cause Loki kept staring at me.

"Alright let's fix this all up." I said picking up the pieces of broken picnic table.

This is actually going to be really interesting now that those two are here.


Okay yeah it's not the best but it'll get better. Besides it my first Loki fanfic.

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