Save him, Save The World.

Lola is girl with kind heart she's always trying to find the good in people. Lola try's to find the good in Loki when he arrives out of no where. Will Loki end up falling for a mortal and end up changing into softy or will he try and change her?


9. chapter nine.-I Can Give You The World Part2


"Kneel before you king and queen!" I said with an ill-temper.

I looked at the crowd of people who were timid.

"I said kneel!" I glared as I looked at the crowd kneeling slowly.

Some people pointed out that Loki was back and were waiting for the rescue time of avengers to show up and stop him this time. But that wasn't gonna happen this time. Loki laughed as people kept looking around while they were kneeling.

"There not coming!" Loki laughed at them.

I watched as the crowd of people ended up surrendering even the mayor did.

"Thank you so much time for you're amazing time now if you'll excuse us we have a certain capital to take over." Loki grabbed my hand and we took off.

We arrived in Washington D.C. were going to kick the president out of his spot and give is America once we take over this place we go across to the other side and will have all the world to ourselves!

Loki told me to gather all the people up as he went inside the White House. As I did that I looked over the crowd and saw Amber with James. Amber looked like she did when she came back with us bruised but this time she was like skin and bones. I walk over to them and grab James and throw him onto the ground.

"You little shit head!!! You're a lair! How dare you treat her like a piece of crap!!!" I growled at him I picked him up and actually punched him.

He fell to the ground he looked up at me he had a bloody nose.

"I should kill you!!!!!!" I took out my knife that I hid in my outfit that Loki gave me.

"Go head do it!" He glared at me.

"Yes do it."

I hear Loki come over and everyone gasped I heard a something plop onto the ground. I smirked at James while everyone started panicking.

"Now kneel before you're masters!"

I hear Loki shout at the crowd.

"Lola don't do it don't you see Loki did something to you this isn't you snap out of it!" Amber begged.

I glared just glared at her as I held the knife in my hand as I stared at James.

"Don't do it Lola find the good in you." Amber whispered.

"NEVER! I deserves to die for treating you like this!" I cried out.

"Do it darling."

I felt Loki come up behind me and whisper in my ear.

I smiled I was about to stab James then my arm got grabbed by Amber.

"Lola stop and think! Loki what have you done to her!" Amber snapped!!

"I've done what was right!!!" He shot a death look over at Amber.

"No you didn't you changed her from being a softy to some cruel person!" Amber pushed him away from me she was about to smack him when he throw her off of him.

"DO IT!" He shouted at me.

I looked at James I smirked and stabbed him!

Loki grabbed my arm and we took off.

"LOLA WHAT HAS HE DONE TO YOU!" I hear Amber scream on the top of her lungs.


I ran over towards James who was bleeding like crazy. He was right next the persistent who was sadly dead. She stabbed in the shoulder I took it out I felt him wince in pain.

"I' sorry Amber." He whispered.

"I'm sure you are but right now we have to get you cleaned up." I picked him up and dragged him over to our hotel room.

Once we went back there was panic all over the place. Talk about how Loki is actually succeeding. I took James into the bathroom and took his shirt off cleaning the wound. He winced in pain whenever I touched the wound with a wash cloth.

"I'm sorry." I said smiling at him.

"Why are you smiling at me I've treated you like crap." He sighed.

"Because I forgive you....." I looked at him.

"You do?" He asked.

"Yes I do now let's get you patched up." I grabbed some stuff.

After I patched his wound up we went into the lobby we looked at the tv to see the headline Loki and his new queen have taken over the world! There were small videos on them killing the the kings and queens from over on the other side of the earth and making people now to them and making them the ultimate leader. Then there was one where Loki was laughing and Lola just smiling along.

"Well this sucks." James said turning off the tv.

"What has he done to my friend!" I pounded my hand onto the table.

We looked around then the tv went on all of a sudden.

"Bow down to you're new rulers!"

I watched as Loki smirked on the tv he was so happy but Lola my best friend seemed to be enjoying herself. I sighed my own friend evil! Oh I'll get her back some how.

"I said Bow!" He snapped.

I watched as the people in the lobby bowed. I followed along. I watched as Loki basked in his glory of being bowed to. What to do with Loki? How am I going to change Lola back without Loki getting mad?

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