Save him, Save The World.

Lola is girl with kind heart she's always trying to find the good in people. Lola try's to find the good in Loki when he arrives out of no where. Will Loki end up falling for a mortal and end up changing into softy or will he try and change her?


5. Chapter Five-The Wedding


It was the day the day were I spend my life with do I feel about this I'm not sure yet..he sends me mixed feelings it's like I love but when he gets on his bad sides I hate him. But I know if I can get to him I can get his full good side out...his a sweet person and to be honest I think I do love him. Where having this secret wedding down at earth which I found odd. But yeah the only good thing is I get to see Loki dressed in his full suit of amour and I must say it melts me to the ground. And I'm wearing a beautiful silk wedding dress with a small crown to go with it. I stood there looking into the mirror admiring myself tell Thor's came to get me and lead me to him.


I smiled at her she looked perfect I couldn't think of any other person to marry. Wait am I really saying that? Noo Loki you're doing this to become a permeant king..not to fall in love with some mortal! But she was so kind though he smiled always brightened my day. Her eyes made me melt in the inside. Noo look what she's doing turning you into a softy!!! I then snapped back to reality well a little I got to the part where I said I do and just blah blah! Finally the good part!

"You may now kiss the bride." The priest said.

I pulled her towards me looked her in the eyes smiled and placed a soft gentle kiss on her lips. I'm not sure what I was feeling nor do I know how I'm feeling about it.


I looked up to see James running over towards me.

"Yes?" I said calmly.

"Amber has escaped!" He said panicking.

"Oh don't worry she's here in fact she's right over there." I pointed over to her she was sitting right In the front row.

"Oh thank goodness I thought I lost you forever."

"I wish it would have been forever." She grumbled.

"Oh hush now let's take you home.." He said grabbing her.

"Whoa whoa there where do you think you're taking her."

I watched as Lola came right up to him and just glared at him.

"I'm taking her with me and when she gets home her punishment will be staying in the basement for a week!" He growled at her.

"I swear if you do that I will hunt you down and kill you literary!" She snapped at him

Man is she cute when she's angry...

"Oh yeah come and get me princess." He said while laughing.

The next thing I knew I heard a loud smack that sounded like it hurt.

"Let my friend go!" She grabbed the collar of his shirt and stared right at him.

"Smack me one more time I dare you too." He gritted his teeth together.

"I'm not afraid to!"

That's where I came in and pulled her away.

"Let go of me!" She demanded.

"You better hurry off James I don't think I can hold her any longer." I holding her back.

I watched as he nodded and ran off.

"You're just gonna let him get away with her!" She screamed and got out of my grip and glared at me.

I couldn't stand her glare it made me feel bad...why am I feeling bad?

"Loki you just let my best friend be with some guy who is going to be mean to her go! How could you!" She came up to me and cried.

I felt my heart sink a little...was I really feeling bad for this? Listening to her cry made me feel even worse. I had to do something maybe walk away for a few seconds and clear my head and get back to normal or something. But I couldn't leave her like this...

"Come on where going home."

I felt her cry even harder then before I couldn't take it!

Once we arrived back at home I took her to our room. I placed her on the bed and walked away only to be attached by her again. I huffed and sat her back on the bed this timing telling her stay while I went out for some air. I closed the door really fast on her before she could reattach herself onto me. I felt her slide down the door and cry. I had to get away before she makes me feel guilty!

"I don't know what you're doing to're making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I'm around you're making feel guilty for what I have done...what am I going to do with you?" I said to myself.

Then I got this thought that had popped into my head. Get Amber back for that's insane why would I do that? But something told me it was the right thing to do...again why would I do that why am I even thinking about saving her? Is it because you're doing this out of love? Noo I don't love her! Or do I?

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