Save him, Save The World.

Lola is girl with kind heart she's always trying to find the good in people. Lola try's to find the good in Loki when he arrives out of no where. Will Loki end up falling for a mortal and end up changing into softy or will he try and change her?


11. chapter Eleven.-Youre awake Confusion


I walked back to the lobby I was feeling really light headed once I walked through the lobby I fell to my knees. My version was coming in and out was much blood did I lose? I was scared i didn't know what was happing but I saw a crowd coming over by me they were calling for a doctor.

"Is she going to be okay doc?"

I heard James's voice.

"I'm not sure she lost a lot of blood hmmm nurse grab two blood packs." I opened my eyes.

"Sir she's awake!" The nurse said.

"Noo put her back to sleep she's not ready to be awake right now!" The nurse grabbed a needle and injected me with something.

I felt myself get sleepy I tried staying awake but I couldn't fight it I ended up going to sleep.

Later on whatever day it could be....

I struggled to wake up I was shaking myself awake. My opened flutter open I winced at the bright light I looked around as my vision came clear. I looked around and saw James sleeping on the couch they had in here.

"Ahhh you're awake I was wondering when you would wake up." The doctor walked in.

"Why how long was out?" I asked.

"A week." He said scribbling something down.

"A...a week..." I said softly.

"Yup and trust me a lot had happened. The new ruler Loki he sent out guards to watch the streets at night now..and during the day. There was break in at one of the army's he had set up here...that poor girl she was only eighteen and those guards killed. More people tried breaking in they want to some how find him and kill him I would help but I have enough people to deal with as it is..those that followed in that girls footsteps are lucky they aren't dead." He said taking some wires off of me.

I stared down at the blankets.

"Oh and the queen I don't know if he knows but she's been down here a few times to see you....she's very nice lady...very nice...yeah she also going to try to stop the guards from killing people when they come out after dark....the queen is amazing she's like turning against the king." He checked my heart rate and that jazz.


I don't think she was turning against him she loves him to much to that she's only doing what's good for the people. I thought to myself.

"Yeah all the people are thankful for her. Maybe she'll even stop him one day from ruling us." He said jolting more stuff down and smiled.

"Maybe." I said with a weak smile.

"Anyways you'll be able to leave sometime in a few days or so." He shook my hand and walked off.

I saw James open he eyes.

"Oh thank goodness you're awake....." He smiled at me.

"Why are you so happy." I looked at him.

"Because I was thinking about when I treated you like crap it was wrong of me to do so I feel really bad and now look at you...I'm sorry for being so cruel to you I should have never done it was wrong of me...I hope you can forgive me cause once you leave this place will go back to the hotel and go to one of there restaurants and ill buy you dinner." He came up to me smiled.

"I can forgive you for being stupid and that dinner better be good." I said laughing.

"I'll make sure it's the best dinner every!" He laughed along.

There was a moment of silence I was staring at the tv catching up the news of the girl who got killed. Maybe the doctor was right what if Lola does turn against Loki though but she wouldn't maybe just stop him from ruling us maybe?


I was getting ready to go when I got grabbed by my waist.

"You've been going out a lot lately." I heard Loki's deep raspy voice.

"Yes I know I have been." I kept my eyes looking forward.

"Why have you been going down there a lot?"

I felt him tighten his grip not to much where he could hurt the baby just enough where I couldn't get out.

"I have been visiting my friend Amber who ended up in the hospital after she hit her head on the road and she lost a lot of blood so they took her there." I managed to turn around and look at him.

"I one more there are rumours going around the streets down there that you might turn against me." He stared at me.

"I would never turn against you."

Or would I? I don't know I mean I love him and all but gahh I don't know...I love having this but it doesn't feel right anymore.

"Good.Now go and see you're friend." He smiled at me and let me go.

"I'll be back." I winked at him.

"Emm better be." He smirked at me.

Down at earth.

"Is she awake." I asked the doctor.

"Yes right this way." The doctor lead me to her room.

"AMBER!" I said running over to her I gave her hug.

"It's good to see you." She smiled at me.

"Yeah it's nice to see you."

I wiped around and saw James sitting on the couch.

"You better not be here just to wait for her to come and start abusing her or else I will kill you." I threatened.

"No I'm not in fact I regret what I did to her I'm being honest I swear! I really do this time....watching her almost died changed me in the inside. I feel bad for what I have done to her." He picked her hand up and gave it small kiss.

"Better be but I got my eyes on you." I glared at him.

"Is she going to be like this for awhile." He asked.

"Indeed I am." I answered him.

"Well then." He stepped back and sat down.

Then I saw him get out and run. Chicken....I said to myself.

"Aww don't run little princess come back!" I softy said it to were Amber could here it.

I heard Amber burst out laughing.

"His scared of me it's okay not my fault." I laughed.

"Oh well he'll get over it."

"Yeah hey it was nice seeing you awake finally..." I was about to leave.

"Why are you leaving so early?" She asked.

"I need time some time to think..." I walk out.

That darn thought came back it was annoying cause I had mixed feelings about it...would I turn agaisnt him but I love him to much to that.....oh what to do what to do!! I was pacing back and forth in a room that I found that was empty. I was going crazy then that's when I snapped. I wasn't doing anything in fact I was staring into an empty void well I was in my own world. I felt my body fall I went into a corner. I don't know how long I was gonna stay like this.


"Here she is you're majesty."

The guard brought over Lola for me thank goodness I was getting worried. I then noticed something odd about her she wasn't talking at all she had this blank stare.

"Is she okay." I asked.

"I don't know sir the doctor said that they found her in a corner staring off into space..."

I looked at the guard and dismissed him.

"Hmmm...what happened down there to make you go like this." I said to myself.

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