Love Truth, Love Lies


5. Unknown Call

I got up the next morning to see Emily still asleep, her beautiful long blonde hair all tangled, I laid there for a little while watching her sleep. I wrapped my arm around her body and lightly kissing her neck to try and wake her up.

Emily opened her eyes and looked at me “Hello” she said in her adorable sleepy voice before giving me a smile.

“Good morning gorgeous” I said with a smile “We have college in forty minutes babe”

Emily looked at me “Shit… Mind if I use your shower?”

“Not at all, go ahead its just through there” I pointed to the bathroom.

Emily got up still completely naked from that night, I watched her as a smile appeared on my face.

While Emily was having a shower I got up and got dressed into some clean clothes, I got some of my spray and sprayed myself knowing I won’t have time to have a shower by the time Emily is done.

Emily put on her clothes and we both left for college, holding each others hands as we walked there, but the moment we stepped in the college grounds Ben jumped on my back making me let go on Emily’s hand, I turn round to Ben telling him to wait when I kissed Emily bye and she went off to her lesson.

Ben put his arm around my shoulder once Emily had gone “So… Did you do it?”

I looked at him forcing myself not to smile “Do what?”

“Have sex you moron” Ben pushed me jokingly.

I couldn’t help but smile at remembering last night.

Ben looked at me and laughed “You did! Didn’t you!”

I looked at him, smiled and nodded “Yeah I did”

“Finally!” Ben shouted making me laugh “Was it good?”

“Very” I laughed


I was in the middle of a lesson when my phone started to vibrate in my pocket, I quickly got up and walked out of class room to answer the phone but before I did I looked at who was calling, it was a number I didn’t have saved to my phone, I looked at it confused then answered the phone to her a girls voice.

“Hello Harry” the voice said as I frowned then smiled.

“Katie? Is that really you?” I was shocked to hear that voice.

“Yeah, it’s me alright, I haven’t seen you in ages! I miss you” Katie said to me.

“I miss you to! I wish I didn’t have to leave, how are you?”

“I’m alright, missing your sexiness though, are you nice and muscly yet like you said you would be?” Katie laughed at her question

“Yeah, I guess you could say I am” I let out a small laugh

“I can’t wait to see! Me and Matt want to come see you! and maybe you’ll let me into your pants now” She laughed again

I laughed “I kind of have a girlfriend…”

“You? Have a girlfriend?!” Katie released a burst of laughter “How long have you been together?”

“Nearly four weeks now” I decided to sit down in an empty class room knowing this could go on for some time

“And have you done the deed?” she asked curiously

I laughed a little before answering “Yeah, last night”

“Remember all the times we used to mess around and push each other to the ground and get all hot a sweating rubbing against each other?”

I thought about it and remembered, the thought making me get an erection “Oh well done Katie!”

Just by me saying that she knew what I meant as she shouted down the phone “Boner alert!”

I laughed “Sorry Katie but I need to go, I’ll call you some other time, bye” I hung up the phone knowing I couldn’t go back to class with an erection, instead I went home as fast as I could, I took off my trousers the seconds I got into my flat, also sliding down my boxers and getting onto my bed. I looked to my side and saw a picture of Emily I kept on the beside table, I picked it up with my left hand while my right hand took hold of my length as I started to rub it faster and faster. I was starting to moan loud as I was getting close but I didn’t hear my door open and Emily walked in on me, she couldn’t help but laugh making me jump and covering myself as fast a I could.

“Oh… Um… Hi Emily…” my cheeks turning a little red.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you but Ben said he hadn’t seen you for a while” she tried to control her laughter.

“I had to leave college… I had a really noticeable, awkward boner…” I tried to hide myself a bit more with the covers.

Emily shook her head taking off her top and bra “Sit up” I did as she said and sat on the end of the bed as she walked over to me getting on her knees.

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