Love Truth, Love Lies


1. Meeting

There was a boy called Harold, he was a nice tall guy with brown curly hair, he was just a normal teenager like everyone else, went to school, hung out with his friends and got spots. But one day something went wrong and he ended up moving away from everyone he knew, friends and family. He didn't want to move but he knew it was his own fault, when he finally got a flat and got settled in and then enrolled to a college to do business.

On the first day of college he woke up at 5am to get ready, he got out of bed slowly rubbing his eyes trying to wake up more. Harold took off his boxers and put them into the laundry basket then got into the shower, Harold got the shower gel and squeezed some out onto a flannel and rubbed it all round his body until he was clean then washed off all the bubbles with the water. He got hold of the two in one shampoo and conditioner and quickly put his head under the water to wet his hair and then rubbed the hair wash into his hair and left it for and few minutes then riced it all out. He stepped out the shower grabbing hold of a towel and quickly rubbing his hair as dry as he can and then rubbing his body dry, after doing so he places the towel into the laundry basket and walks back into his bedroom and over to his wardrobe to get some clothes.

After being at the college for a few weeks Harold changed, he wasn't as nice as he used to be and instead of having his nice lovely curly hair he quiffed his hair back and started wearing completely different clothes and told everyone to call him Harry. It was the end of October and a new student had started, as she had to also move but she moved with her family and when she walked into the class room the only seat that was available was the one next to Harry. Harry looked over to her with a smile but she just looked at him and looked away as she wasn’t interested and soon after some other girls in the class went over to her and she became popular very fast. After Harry finally found out her name was Emily he tried to get to know her but in just a week of her being at the college she became very popular and had loads of other guys wanting to be with her, but today Harry’s luck finally changed as in class they were put together in a pair to do some work.

Harry finally had the chance to talk to her, he got up, walked over to her and sat next to her starting to get nervous and played with his hair a little “H-Hello” Harry said to Emily hoping to get a reply this time.

She looked up and him with a smile on her face “Hello Harry” she said to him, which made Harry smile widely. While working together in the lesson they got talking a lot and Emily started to really like Harry and by the end to the lesson Harry managed to get a date with Emily so he got up and walked home smiling as he was now very happy looking forward to that night.

Harry’s POV

The moment Harry got home he took of all of his clothes and went into the bathroom and over the bath, he turned on the taps waiting for it to fill with enough water and to be the right temperature. Once it was ready he got into the bath, got a flannel and shower gel and washed himself well and then washed his hair so it was nice, clean and soft, he then took out the plug in the bath so the water goes down and got out the bath and dried himself leaving the towel on the floor of the bathroom he went back into his room, dried his hair with a hair dryer so it came out nice. He then walked over to the wardrobe wondering what to wear, so he opened it and looked in side and after about thirty minutes decided to wear some black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and some boots. After getting ready he walked to the outside of the college to meet Emily and he sat down on a wall to wait.

Emily’s POV

As much as Emily didn't like Harry at first she was really looking forward to this date to get to know him, when she got home she went straight to her room, got out a make-up wipe and took all her make-up off, then went to her clothes and picked a nice silvery/grey dress and some matching shoes, after choosing them she laid them on her bed ready for her to get changed. Emily took off her cardigan, top and skirt so she was only in her underwear, she walked over to her dressing table and sat down to look in her mirror with all her make-up in front of her, she looked down at her make-up trying to decide what to use so she picked up the foundation first and applied it to her face then put on some eye liner and mascara and some black eye shadow and them put on some clear lip gloss, after checking her make-up was okay she got up and walked over to her bed, picked up her dress and pulled it over her hips until it was on correctly, she then put on her shoes, got a bag and then left to meet Harry.

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