Love Truth, Love Lies


4. Making Love

Emily’s POV

I smiled getting up and walking to Harry, taking hold of his hand and taking him into the bedroom. Harry got onto the bed laying down, I got onto the bed after him laying close to him. I put my bed on his chest hearing his heart beat slightly faster as I put my hand under his shirt on his nice toned body. He looked at me and smiled before placing his lips on mine and kissing me softly.

I looked up at Harry “Have you ever had sex?”

Harry hesitated to answer the question “O-Of course I have…”

I could tell he was lying, one of the things I liked coz he’d act so cute “Harry, tell the truth, I know when you’re lying”

Harry let out a sigh “No… I haven’t…”

I slipped my hand a bit lower down to the top of Harry’s jeans “Do you want to?”

Harry smiled at me “Only if its with you”

“Of course!” I smiled pulling Harry on top of me, placing his hands on either side of me, leaning close kissing me on the lips before moving down to my neck. He pushed himself up taking off his top and helping me take off mine, once they were off he lent back down placing more kisses to my neck, slightly sucking leaving small marks, he slipped his hands under my back and tried to undo my bra “Why are these things always so hard to undo, I don’t see how you do it”

I laughed and sat up slightly unclasping my bra and taking it off, it didn’t take long for Harry to cup my breasts in his large hands massaging them, making me let out a slight moan. I grabbed hold of the top of Harry’s jeans pulling him in between my legs, undoing his belt and jeans, he got up to take off his jeans then got back into the position I pulled him in. I looked down to his crotch to see a bulge. His warm hands placed on my hips as he lowered one to find the zip of my skirt, while looking for the zip he lent lower kissing me more. When he found my zip we carried on kissing but he stopped to pull the skirt off me dropping it onto the floor. I then took off my lace thongs as I saw Harry grin “Now for you to take off yours” Harry looked at me and took off his boxers and my eyes widened and the size of his length, he smiled and I put my hand onto his length slowly moving my hand up and down, rubbing the head making Harry let out some moans.

He lent over me a little reaching to his bedside drawer where he pulled out a condom, he ripped open the packet pulling out the condom, placing it on the top of his length squeezing the end of it being rolling it down.

Harry’s POV

I moved closer to her after putting the condom on, rubbing my length on her entrance a little moan escaping from her lips. I grinned then kissed her on the lips “Ready?”

Emily nodded “Yeah”

I rubbed my length over her entrance some more before slowly putting my length into her entrance, once it was in a Emily made a loud moan making me grin and kiss her again and I slowly moved my length in and out not wanting to rush things, more moans escaped both out our mouths and a gradually got faster, Emily grabbed hold of the bed sheets as she continued to moan, I kissed and sucked her neck some more leaving some more little marks on her. I cupped her breasts with my hands again as I started thrusting faster making her moan more loud and frequently, her grasp on the sheets getting tighter. I started to moan louder as I was getting close, I kissed her again thrusting hard a few more times before ejaculating into the condom.

I slowly pulled out, laying down beside Emily, I took off the condom and placed it into the bin next to my bed before turning to face Emily who looked at me with a smile. “That was amazing” I said before kissing the top of her head.

She nodded as she looked at me “It really was” she got closer to me and rested her head on my chest again, I reached down to the end of the bed pulling a cover over us and turning off the lamp before cuddling Emily and falling asleep not wanting to let her go.  

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