Love Truth, Love Lies


8. Lily

I took it hard not being with Harry anymore, I kept skipping days of college as I was far too unset and depressed to do anything, I just laid in bed not talking to anyone, barely eating and just crying most of the time. My mum was getting really worried about me but I wouldn’t talk to her, the only thing she knew was that me and Harry had broken up and I was taking it hard. Without asking me she rang my best friend Laura who then came down and sat on the end of my bed, I looked at her “What are you doing here?”

“Your mum said you were upset… and she told me why, why didn’t you tell me?” Laura asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it” I hid my face in my pillow.

Laura climbed on the bed and put her arm round me for a hug “Come on Em?”

I started crying “He left me…”

Laura sighs “Well he’s just a fucking twat then, come on you can do way better then him and he doesn’t deserve you”

I just carried on crying in my pillow.

“How about we watch films and eat popcorn?” Laura kept hugging me.

I nodded “Okay yeah”

Harry’s POV

I regretted breaking up with Emily but I just lost my temper at that moment in time and knew I couldn’t do anything now, so I got on with my life avoiding Emily as much as I could knowing I hurt her. I was still very popular and had loads of girls wanting to go out with me or have a shag but I didn’t want either since splitting up with Emily. I went to college as normal but our class randomly got put in with another class and I got paired with a girl called Lily “Hello, I’m Harry”

“Hi, I’m Lily, nice to meet you” she smiles at me.

“Nice to meet you to” I said and smiled back.

I got on with the work with Lily helping me as I wasn’t very good at maths and she was much better then me. In just that lesson she managed to help me with most of my work and I got much more done then I normally would, soon after I found out she got bullied a lot and was quite and tried to keep her head down to avoid people bullying her. I don’t see how people could bully her, she was so kind and generous. After the lesson finished I went out with my friends to town I was being really quite and not saying much which they noticed.

“Oi Haz, you not said much tonight mate, what’s up?” Ben asked me while giving me a little shove.

“Nothing, just thinking that’s all” I laughed.

“What about?”

“Jus stuff, nothing important, I’m hungry, lets go to McDonalds” I said then rubbed my stomach.

“Good idea!” James shouted.

I walked to McDonalds, ordered a Big Mac meal, ate with my friends then went home and watched TV on my own just to think about things until I fell asleep.

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