I wasn't the talkative girl in class. I am the girl who sit's in the front of class, eager to learn everything. I am the girl that everyone, but the teacher, ignores. But one day, the day after my parent's car crash, everything changes. The day I confront the jock of the school. Read more to find out. (One Direction not famous)


2. Hospital

I woke up because of an annoying constant beeping. "Ugh.!" I groaned opening my eyes to a bright light.

"Oh thank god that you're awake!" A woman that I recognized as Samantha's mom exclaimed.

"Where am I? Are mom and dad okay? Why am I in a hospital bed instead of seeing mom and dad!!!?" I questioned.

"Ms. Smith, we don't know about your parents yet, they are still in coma. And you are in a hospital bed because your heart stopped beating."

"WHAT?! My heart stopped beating!! Then that means that I should be dead!!"

"Ms. Smith-"

"Call me Bella"

"Bella, we were able to save you-"

"Stop trying t save me! Save my parents instead!!!" I exclaimed, mad.

"LET ME FINISH THEN YOU CAN SEE YOUR PARENTS!!!" Oops, I got the nurse mad. I nodded.

"As I was saying-" The doctor interrupted. I could hear Sam giggling in the background.

"What was all the yelling about?!"

"I'm sorry. I had a lot of questions, and she was trying to answer, but I kept interrupting, and got her mad." I said in one breath. The doctor laughed, and Sam and her mom laughed along with him. I smiled nervously.

"Okay.... I'll let you back to it." He said while still laughing, and left.

The nurse took a deep breath, " Now that we were able to save you, we are now doing everything in our power to save you parents." I got up, a little dizzy but fine.

"I need to see them." I gasped.

"I'll lead you to their room." She grabbed my arm and led me across the hallway. When we entered their room, I rushed to them. I saw their beds pushed together and they were holding hands. I burst out crying.

"They might be able to hear you, even if they are in coma." Another nurse said softly to me.

"Mom, Dad. Pease come back to me, I need you. Please..." I couldn't talk anymore. The room was filled with my sobs. I looked at my mom, she had baby soft brown hair, and she had a perfect face. How much I want her soft hazel eyes to open and her to smile at me. I looked at my dad, he had the same colored hair and a strong jaw line. I really want his soft blue-green eyes to open and for him to smile broadly at me and say that everything was okay. My dad's heart rate became faster. I stopped crying.

"Bella, we need you to go back to your room, your dad has to be treated." My nurse said, dragging me out of the room and into mine. My eyes that change color from green, to blue, then to hazel, were making a river of tears. I smiled sadly as the song, Cry Me A River, popped into my head. I cried harder, because that was the song Dad sang to me at night when I was younger. I felt two pairs of arms engulf me in a hug. I looked up to find Sam, and her mom. They were both crying as well.

"Can we go home?" I asked them. They knew that I would be staying over so that I can sleep peacefully, without my memories disturbing me. They nodded. I smiled and passed out, with tears still in my eyes.



Heyyyy! So, how do you like the 1st 2 chapters? I know it's kinda depressing, but, it'll lighten up in the next chapters! I think. Anyways, Like, comment, and share! Oh and FAVORITE!!! hehe


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