I wasn't the talkative girl in class. I am the girl who sit's in the front of class, eager to learn everything. I am the girl that everyone, but the teacher, ignores. But one day, the day after my parent's car crash, everything changes. The day I confront the jock of the school. Read more to find out. (One Direction not famous)


1. Car Crash

Bella's POV

I woke up with a start. I was having the best dream about being the most popular girl in school. Being the one with the most friends. Someone that I'm not. I only have one friend, Samantha, and I'm not at all popular. I got out of bed, happy it's the weekend. "Isabella, Honey? Your dad and I are going out today. You can call your friend, Sammy, and go over her house."

I yell, " OK, mom! I hope you and dad have fun!"

I called Sam, " Hey! Mom and Dad are going out. Can I come over?!"

"Sure Bella!" She screams through the phone, I laugh. We hang up. I decide to wear something that I would never wear. 'Eh. I'll change when they're gone.' I think. I run downstairs and wave to my parents that are driving out of the parking space. When they are gone I dash upstairs and take out a red crop top with red short shorts. I put on some red high tops and ran to my sky-blue convertible. My parents are the richest people in the city, but I don't like people knowing that in school. I arrived at Sam's house and took the spare key from under the mat. I opened the door and called, "Hello? Sammy?" I heard a small 'Bonk' and Samantha came crashing down the stairs.

"Owwww!" She groaned rubbing the growing bump on her head. I laughed while shaking my head. "Why didn't you knock?" she asked.

"Spare key. Remember?" Her mouth shaped an O, and she nodded.

>>>>>>>>>Skip to a few hrs.>>>>>>

We were having a Disney movie marathon when my phone rang. Phone call:



Is this Bella?

"Yes this is her."

We are sorry for your lost.


Your parents have been in a car crash and they are both in coma.

"What hospital"

The one near main street.


I hung up and slumped to my knees.

"Bells? Bella what's wrong?" Sam asked me. I felt as if everything was in slow motion.

"P-parents, c-car cr-crash, coma, near main st-" That was all I could say before I blacked out.

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