Cas, i love you

This is a Destiel story muehehe might have some sexual beings lol


2. Cas on Dean

Dean was gorgeous. His eyes a beautiful green. His body was ripped. he made other men look like toothpicks. Cas didn't  know why he felt this way about him, and he knew that it was wrong, it he couldn't push away his feelings for Dean. He knew that he wouldnt  have rebelled if it wasnt his feelings for Dean. He had this warm, fuzzy feeling towards Dean and he didnt know what it meant.

When Dean sat down next to Cas on the couch, he felt something. Something sparkling. He felt complelled to reach over and stroke his face, but he resisted. 

Just then Sam walked in

"I think I found a case. Over in Kentucky. Doesn't sound too strenuous. A haunting, the usual flickering lights and things."

Dean sighed.

"Can't I get one nights sleep?"

Cas was very confused on this statement. He decided not to comment. Sometimes he and Sam would say the strangest things.

Sam left. To take a shower? How do you take a shower? Why would you want to steal a shower in the first place?

It didn't really matter, at least he could get more time with Dean.


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