Buried in the Snow

my entry for the christmas competition


1. Snow

My name is Ethel. My brother, Claude, and I decided we would run away from everything this winter; the troubles, the memories-bad and good, and the grey headstones of our deceased parents and our cripple old aunt. Last year, our parents were found buried under a thick layer of snow, dead. This year, if anyone dies, it will be us. We want to run far away, but it doesn't help, everything follows us; the memories, the sadness and our cruel aunt. That is why we will run into the heavens this Christmas; away from all the worries I the world, to free ourselves from the confined walls of our cottage and to finally see the warm, welcoming faces of our loving parents. We know what we have to do. . . and we'll do it together, just for our perfect family to be together again, whole and without gaps.
It is the night we leave; the night of Christmas Eve we have packed nothing to keep us alive; only our precious belongings and keepsakes, that is all we will need in the life ahead of us, or more accurately, the death ahead of us. All we have brought is our winter clothing and my heart shaped Lockett I constantly keep dangling from my neck, which holds the pictures of both our father and mother with whom we will soon meet.
As we slowly venture into the whitened meadow near our house the snow creeps ever higher as we walk across it slow step by slow step holding each others hands; his full of warmth bringing me comfort and mine as cold as humanly possibly under my two pairs of woollen gloves. I am now wondering if this is the right idea. How will aunt react? First her brother and his wife and now their children, lost in the snow. When would someone find us frozen in the white snow, or would it take them until spring when the snow melted off our bodies into great puddles of water and mud. Would we even see our dear parents or would they be gone forever and leave us all alone. We hadn't thought about this and my heart was filled with uncertainty and disappointment. But now I couldn't turn back, we couldn't turn back. . .

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