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One Direction Imagines!


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Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam or Zayn?



Love 2 ya all, niallsblueoceaneyes x


1. imagine

Alissa walked out of the shop. One Direction's coming to our town. Our small tiny little town. Hurray! I looked at me feet while I walked, soon I bumped into someone.

"Watch your feets, nerd." A girl said. I looked up. Oh no, shit. It's Trisha from school. 'Trisha's gang' was the popular girls. The sluts to be clear.

"Amber, clean her face from that ugly smile." Trisha said. Oh no! Amber is Trisha's friend who's kicking and punchung every offer. The other girls are standing there laughing and spitting at the 'offer'. Someone laughed. A boy. I looked up.

"OH MY GOD! It's One Direction! Help us punching up this lil' shit." Trisha said. She was right. It was truly One Direction standing there. O. m. G. They were going to punch me.

"Huh, never in your wildest dreams." Louis said.

"Yeah, c'mon girl. Let's help you." Niall said taking my hand.

Trisha and the gang stood there and stared.

"What the f'ck..." Trisha mumbled.

"Oh yeah!" Harry said pouting and doing that sass thing with his finger.

"Come on kid, let's take you home." Liam said.

"Hey! I'm no kid. Actually I'm eighteen." I said.

The guys laughed.

"If you're going to just stand there we have to carry you home." Niall said.

"I'm not going anywh-"

"Alright, you begged for it." Niall said and took me up bridal style. Everyone exept Trisha laughed.

"Shut up girls." Trisha said and her gang shutted up.

'In the 1D-house'

"So, what's your name kid?" Niall asked.

"Alissa Joanne Katlin McKlain." I said.

"Weyhey! Cool." Niall said. "Mine's Niall James Horan."

"Time to sleep. We'll take you home tomorrow Ali." Louis said. "Or either you could stay."

"Actually I'm living at my own so I'm staying with pleassure." I said.

"She's sleeping at my room. I've got the extra bed." Niall said. Everyone nodded.

"Night guys." Zayn said and soon everyone were of to there rooms.

"So I'll be sleeping at the extra's and you at my bed."

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