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2. For Elin

I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my window. It surely was Harry. I smiled to myself and opened my eyes. I was right. Harry stood outside my window, in just a tee. It was cold, so the window had frost on it. He wrote something.

"Morning love. Can I come in? x"

I giggled at his silliness and opened the window. Our lips met and that thing, that spark that always were there were here again. It was filled of passion, romance, feelings. His lips tasted starwberries and they were soft and moved together with mine.

"You tastes strawberry." I said to him. Weak in my knees, because of his smile, I sat down at bed.

"Elin, will you come on a date with me tonight?" Harry asked, carfully. He knew that I were shy, and needed someone who could lead my thoughts away from embarresment. He was perfect.

"Of course I will Harry." I said and kissed his soft lips.

The rest of the day was spended with movies and cuddling.

"Elin, I'll pick you up at seven. Ok?" He said and pecked my lips.

"Yeah." I replied.

I walked upstairs, grabbing a towel and walking into the bathroom. I stripped my clothes off and hopped into the shower. The hot water streamed down my body and I felt happiness, luck. After some minutes I walked out of the shower and into my room. I pucked a pair of just black underwears and a blouse, together with jeansshorts. I putted them on and walked in to the bathroom, once again. I dryed my hair and letted it be it's natural curles. I let my blonde hair be out, not making something big with it. Then I put some makeup on, but decided to wipe it off. At first I wasn't so confident by myself but Harry made me stronger. Every day he tells me I'm beautiful, and at now I believe it. Or, I believes he thinks I'm beautiful. He sees my inside, not outside. The time was five to seven when I heard a carhorn make it's sound. I tied my converse and walked outside. There stood Harry with blazer, shirt, and jeans. He had a rose in his hand.

"This one's for the lady." Harry said, pecked me at the lips and gave me the white rose.

"It's beautiful, so are you Harry." I said hugging him.

"You to, love. Come on, let's go." Harry said.

We drove in an hour, across London. Finally we were there. It was a beach.

"Wow, Harry. This is nice." I said, walking out in the sand.

"Yeah. I wanted to show you it before I couldn't call you my girlfriend anymore." Harry said.

"H-Harry, a-are you b-breaking up wi-with m-me?" I stammered, completley stunned.

"No Elin, I'm asking you another thing." He said taking a deep breath.

"Elin, this year has gone very fast, that's becasue of you. You know, they say it goes faster if you've got fun. I've realized it's true. I live you Elin, you're the only one for me." Harry says.

Now it's coming. The 'but' and he breaks up with me.

"Elin, will you marry me?" Harry says, down at his knees. My face got pale.

"I don't know what to sa- YES YES A MILLION TIMES HARRY YES YES YES!" I screamed.

Harry flashed a big wide smile and I folded my arms around his neck. I gave him a big kiss and he settled the big, diamondring on my finger.


I'm Elin Styles.

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