The Girl You Know

Dizzying anger makes her sway.
Will she always be this way?
A poem about the crushing weight of bottling up depression.


2. The Bitter Truth

She's so tired.

You wouldn't believe.

She moves slowly, trying not to fall asleep. Work gets on top of her she's in over her head.

She looks like the walking dead.

Her breathing is shallow.

Her heart is weak.

All she wants to do is sleep.

She can't.

Her demons taunt her at night. Haunting her dreams and giving her a fright.

So she sits wide awake wondering what to do.

But what's the point she has nothing left to lose.

Her mind, her sanity slowly slips away 

She's being forced to do things she doesn't want.

Why can't they see it?

Can't they see her cry?

But the girl you know doesn't sit there and cry. She's strong brave and smart she'll answer 

your 'whys' she take your questions and tell you the truth.

Deep down she wishes she could do what you do.

You'd laugh at her. Would you think she's lame?

Would you be able to understand her pain?

Could you sympathize? I think not. You'd be treading on eggshells. You'd be a quiet lot. You'd

whisper around her so she wouldn't get hurt. You'd be afraid of her and she knows what you'd 


So the girl that you know doesn't let you see.

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