Different. Divergent.

Tarragon Green is 16 years-old and soon she'll make a decision her family have been trying to make for her, the whole of her life. She belongs to an Amity family and they want her to stay by their side, afraid of what might become if she doesn't, she her dreams to be one of the Divergent rebels. When she gets what she dreamt of, will her dreams fall short?


5. Chapter 5

               They surrounded me as quickly as I’d stepped out of the Amity compound’s doors. Though it was dark, ahead I could see bodies lying on the ground – some with purple-armbands, most without.

               “We meet again, Miss Green.” One of the guards said; obviously one of the ones that threatened to shoot me earlier.

               I didn’t say anything; I was afraid of the consequences.

               “My name is Amar. I’ve been instructed to come and get you.”

               “Get me and take me where, exactly?”

               “Who said anything about taking you anywhere?”

               “No one but-“

               “But nothing,” He interrupted. “Are you carrying any weapons?”

               I was considering lying but that might end my life before it had even begun. “No.”

               “Are you sure?” His eyes shifted to my waist.

               “Yes.” I don’t know why I said ‘yes’, exactly, whether I was answering Amar’s question or telling him he guessed the hiding place to the gun I couldn’t fire.


               He ordered the guards to go back to the vehicle that they borrowed from Erudite and wait for his arrival. He stayed behind, with me, and went to help the fallen soldiers with purple-armbands.

               “You need to go, Tarragon.” Amar said.

               “Go where?” I asked.

               “Go where they,” At this he showed me the soldiers. “Want you to go.”

               “Excuse me?” I couldn’t believe my ears.

               “Go with them. They need your Divergence.”

               “How many people know about that? It was meant to be a secret.”

               “More people than you could imagine.”

               “How many more?”

               “A whole city full.”

               “What?!” I exclaimed.

               “I said, a whole city full.”

               “Are they going to kill me as well?”

               “No, they’re going to help you.”

               “Why do I have to go? Why can’t some other Divergent go?”

               “Because, from what I’ve been told, you’ve got the highest rate of Divergence ever seen in Chicago.”

               “Chicago?” It seemed as though Amar was speaking gibberish.

               “Chicago, yes. It’s a lot to take in but they’ll explain it to you in more detail when you get there.”


               He stood up again, his hands covered in blood. Not his own but the soldier he was helping’s. he walked up to me, his dark hair framing his head perfectly.

               “Get out your gun.”

               “I- I don’t have a gun.” I said, stupidly.

               “Yes. You do. It’s in your waistband. Get it out.”

               My numb fingers fumbled at my waistband. My fingers curled round the handle and I took the gun out. I held it in my hand for a moment – admiring its deadly beauty. My thoughts were cut short.

               “Shoot me.”

               It took me a while to register what he said. It clicked eventually. “Excuse me? I am not, I repeat not, going to shoot you.”

               “You have to. Nowhere important, in the foot.”


               “So you can get away. It’s a small sacrifice that’s for the greater good.”

               “Amar. It may have escaped your notice but I’m Amity.”

               “No. you’re not,” He paused. “You’re not Amity. You’re not Dauntless. You’re Divergent and you cannot be controlled.”

               “So how is leaving… Chicago, going to solve anything? How is shooting you, no matter what part in your body, going to solve anything?”

               “It won’t. Not yet.”

               “So why?”

               “Because you must. You are the chosen one.”

               I let out a deep sigh. “Fine… But don’t hate me for this. My aim isn’t very good.”

               I pushed the gun out from my body and pointed it at the ground. My hands wavered and I felt as though I was right all along, I couldn’t do it.

               “Tarragon?” The female soldier’s voice questioned. “What are you still doing here?”

               “I’m about to shoot Amar.” I replied bluntly.

               “Why? He’s on our side.”

               “He told me to, said that if we were to get away sufficiently, we’d need a distraction.”

               “Well, as much as I hate it, he’s right.” She said.

               “Shoot me. In the foot.” Amar said.

               “Okay.” The gun’s handle was slippery from the sweat that had collected on my palms. My finger curled around the trigger. “I’m sorry.” A bullet flew from the end of the gun and into Amar’s foot.

               “Let’s go, Tarragon. Bye, Amar.”

               “Bye, Zoe. Bye, Tarragon.” Amar said through whimpers of pain. He clutched his foot and hobbled back to the borrowed car.

               Zoe and I ran, at full speed, towards a truck that belonged to Amity. Johanna Reyes was filling it up with more petrol. She smiled at Zoe and me.

               “Good luck, Tarragon.” She waved us off and we drove out of my city – the only city I knew existed.

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