Different. Divergent.

Tarragon Green is 16 years-old and soon she'll make a decision her family have been trying to make for her, the whole of her life. She belongs to an Amity family and they want her to stay by their side, afraid of what might become if she doesn't, she her dreams to be one of the Divergent rebels. When she gets what she dreamt of, will her dreams fall short?


3. Chapter 3

               I changed my clothes as soon as I was back into my room; the darkest pair of red trousers I could find and a slightly brighter t-shirt. My brother, Joshua, walked into the room shortly afterwards. He did the aptitude test three years before me.

               “Hey.” Joshua said

               “Hi.” I replied.

               “How was your test?” He asked.

               “Did you have to choose between a knife and cheese?” I was breaking all the rules by asking this question.


               “What did you choose, if any?”

               “If any?” he asked. “You had to choose one. There was no other way.” He said a little louder than he might’ve liked.

               “I think you should leave now.” I grunted, cleared my throat. I walked to the door and opened it.

               “Fine.” He huffed. He walked towards the door, stopping in the frame. “What did you choose?”

               “Honestly? I’m not supposed to tell you.”

               He crossed his arms. “That didn’t stop you from asking the question.”

               “Fine,” I said. “I didn’t choose either. I found a ball in my pocket because I told it to be there.”

               “That’s… That’s not possible.” He furrowed his eyebrows.

               “It is. It has to be possible because, well, because I did it.”

               “Okay.” He left the room before I could say anything else. And I didn’t see him again until dinner.


               I stayed in my room until it was dinner time; the only time I had to see my parents. I went to dinner at 6:15pm, the rest of the faction were already seated. I don’t remember what I ate. All I know is that it had bread with it.

               “How did your test go?” My dad asked.

               “I’m not supposed to talk about it.” I replied.

               “You can tell us. You can trust us.” My mum said.

               “Hate to break it to you, but, no. I can’t.”

               “Can’t? Or won’t?” My brother asked. He was acting as though he didn’t know.

               “Can’t. It’s against the rules.”

               “You always break the rules, Tarragon.” My mum and dad said, in sync.

               “Yeah… But this is div – different.” I corrected myself. That could’ve ended badly.

               I didn’t eat everything that was on my plate. I didn’t feel hungry enough. I went to my room just after I nearly let my secret slip to anyone within earshot of my family’s table. I said goodnight to them, aloud, and in my mind I apologized for wanting to leave them. I went back to my room and watched the clock on my wall, the only sound surrounding me was the beating of my heart. What I didn’t know was that this moment would be one of the last times I’d hear my heart beating at a normal pace. Life as a Dauntless would be hell.

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