Stand Together

"As you may all know, war has started in our country. THerefore, we need an army. Everyone, 15 and older, has to fill in The Test. To make sure we test every single person in every single district, we are sending everyone to the Town Hall, which is divided into different sections for different ages. Tomorrow, every one of you has to sign up at the Town Hall. WHen the clock strikes midnight, houses will be searched. And you will be found, if you try to hide."


3. Town Hall

The line forming in front of the Town Hall was only getting bigger and bigger during the day. People had bags and suitcases standing next to them, taken everything they desired most with them. They were hugging, crying, some laughing fearless and some with desperation in their eyes. But most of them were spending their last moments with their beloved ones. On the back of the Town Hall, busses and trains were filled with the people who already signed up and were ready to leave. They didn’t know where they were going, but it didn’t really matter. Because what they did know, was that they weren’t coming back home.


Prison. That’s the only word that could describe the place they were staying. A large room filled with boys and girls all from the age 15 to 25, with only 10 chairs in it. There was a single door, which opened once in a while to pick one of the teenagers up, to make him or her do The Test. Most of the boys and girls were sitting against the wall on the floor, talking about The Test. There was a huge window on one wall, but you couldn’t look through it. A few tried to wipe off the dust on the window, but nobody could look through. They all had to leave their bags in the bus or train, when they arrived and could only bring one thing. Some had brought a picture of their families, others brought a book.


 In one of the corners stood a mysterious-looking girl, with dark clothes and a cape over it. The hood of the cape made sure nobody could see the girl’s face. Nobody spoke to her and you could see she was perfectly fine with that. Until an older boy, with a cocky grim on his face walked towards her. “Hello there. My name’s Jamesson,” He started and wanted to go on, but was already interrupted by the girl’s voice, who looked up a little bit, just so the boy could see her pale skin and a part of her mouth. “I prefer to be alone. May I ask you to go chat with someone else?” The boy, Jamesson, frowned. “Why would you be alone, if you can have my company?” He grinned, “I mean, everyone wants to be around me, because my company is simply amazing. Everybody loves me!” The girl now showed her face and stared up at the boy with piercing blue eyes. “I’m not enjoying your company so far, apparently it’s not that amazing as you think. May I ask you once more to go talk to someone else?” Jamesson laughed. “Oh, come on, pretty girl, I’m sure you-”, but stopped talking when there was a blade pressed against his throat. “I asked you to leave.” The girl’s hood had fallen off and her brown wavy hair fell down. Jamesson laughed and rose his hands. “Woah, slow down. Are you really threatening a Warrior? Are you sure that’s a good idea?” The girl pushed her blade against his chin, forcing him to look into her eyes. “I don’t care if you are a Warrior or not. I asked you to leave me alone, but you started annoying me instead. That means you challenged me. And the question here is; Do you really want to challenge me?” The girl put her blade away and put on her hoodie.


“Jamesson, you should leave the girl alone,” A voice from behind spoke. “Shut your mouth, Robbie,” Jamesson snapped at him. The girl looked up and nodded to the boy. “I appreciate that you stood up for me, but I really don’t need your help. I can handle this on my own.” Another girl with dark blonde hair stood up and walked towards them. “He’s trying to help you. Maybe you should be grateful, miss... What was your name again?” The girl asked. “I’m Jace Razion. From District 3. Who are you?” The hooded girl answered. “Layla Riverdwight. District 6. Warrior. Nice to meet you, Jace.” The dark blonde said and held out her hand, which Jace shook eagerly. Nobody had really noticed the incident happening with Jace and Jamesson and everyone just kept talking. But the teenagers standing in the corner with Jace and Jamesson, slowly formed a group. Robbie was the only one who was just being silent and standing there, socially awkward, but a nice girl eventually joined him, named Carley. She was a faery and very.. cheerful. She made sure Robbie joined in on the conversation of the group. They were talking a bit, enjoying each other’s company for a moment, until a voice called. “Carley Maiden, District 2.” It was her turn to take The Test. Carley gave a little squeak and hid behind Robbie. “I don’t want to go, Robbie,” She whispered frightened. Layla saw her and rose her hand. “That’s me. I’m Carley Maiden.” Carley gave her a weird look. “Really? I thought your name was Layl-” Jace quickly covered Carley’s mouth with her hand. “Carley, please come with us. Thank you.” And the man walked out of the room, Layla following him.


“That wasn’t very smart, you know,” A voice from another corner spoke. Nobody had noticed the switch. “Why do you care?” Robbie spoke nervously. “Because they’re going to take a picture. Carley herself will have to go as Layla eventually. And besides, they’ll find out anyways.” The girl had brown, wavy hair. “Well, well, well, who are you?” Jamesson spoke, obviously flirting. The girl rolled her eyes. “My name is Isabelle Calleigh from District 6. You hit on me before, Jamesson, don’t even think about trying again.” And then she turned to the others, “I’ve known Layla for a couple of years now. She can lie if she wants to. She can pretend to be Carley very easily. But there’s nobody in this room that can pretend to be Layla, because she’s very complicated. They’re going to find out, believe me. I’d try to escape if I were you.”


And that’s how it started. They planned on escaping for a while, seeing as the kids around them disappeared, they realised they didn’t have much time left. The ones who went to make the Test came back, though, but they were much more silent than others. Not Layla. She didn’t fill the Test in for herself, but how she thought Carley would fill it in and it didn’t affect her. A couple of other kids wanted to escape, too, but most of them were just too scared to even think about it. They were with 13, eventually. Seven girls and six boys. A blonde girl from District 1, called Samantha, joined them. She was definitely not fond of other creatures, but did want to get out of here. Also, a young wizard named Wayne Balis, who wanted to make sure everything on their plan was safe and everyone had backup and was protected, joined them. And then there was Eric, a very enthusiastic, young Shapeshifter, who appeared to be gay. And also Joseph; The only one that seemed to see Jace as a part of the group. She sat on the ground in the corner of where they made up their plans, didn’t discuss along, wasn’t much of a talker, but she did listen to everything they said. And he enjoyed her company, even though she only said one or two things in half an hour. Of course, there was Alex. The faery that was excited about pretty much everything and couldn’t stop clapping his hands enthusiastically when something exciting happened. And there was Quinn, completely covered in jewels and accessory. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, everything. She was spoiled as a little princess and did nothing else but snap at everyone. And of course, Mackenzie Alon, who had a feisty temper and got mad very quickly. She was an Elemental and her hair matched her Element Fire, as well as her quick-to-anger personality.


And those were the people who planned on escaping. And the longer they discussed their plans, the closer they got. And slowly, their plan actually started to make sense. The first thing they had to do, was wait until one of the guards opened the door again to call a name, so they could make their first move. And just as Wayne told them he wasn’t sure if their plan would work, the door opened.


“Layla Riverdwight, District 6.”

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