Stand Together

"As you may all know, war has started in our country. THerefore, we need an army. Everyone, 15 and older, has to fill in The Test. To make sure we test every single person in every single district, we are sending everyone to the Town Hall, which is divided into different sections for different ages. Tomorrow, every one of you has to sign up at the Town Hall. WHen the clock strikes midnight, houses will be searched. And you will be found, if you try to hide."


2. Meet Them

Jacey-Lynia Blake Razion is an Elves girl, from District 3. With her long, black hair and deep, blue eyes, she looks incredibly mysterious. She always wears a dark rogue outfit. Jace loves to sneak around or sit in trees and ‘accidentally’ overhear an important conversation. She prefers to keep her emotions and thoughts to herself, doesn’t like crowds or gatherings and seems a bit emotionless at first, though this is far from the case. Besides being a tree climber, she can also act like an acrobat. She doesn’t trust people very quickly and is a Hunter by blood. Alongside with some poor other Elves, she travelled around District 3 in a camp. They slept in tents, most of the time in the forest. Until one day, the camp burnt to a crisp and was destroyed in a raid of fire. Jace grew up without her parents, who left her on the streets as a baby. And eventually, she grew up in the camp. There, she was learnt how to fight, she chose a weapon, she read books about fighting, and she was taught almost everything. After the fire, Jace ran away from the camp and eventually ended up in District 1, where she kept a secret that she was an Elf. 


Robert McPauls is a young boy from District 1, mostly called Robbie. He has short, messy, brown hair and brown eyes. Robbie is a very shy person. He’s awkward meeting new people or being at large gatherings, but once he knows someone better, he opens up to them. He is a little paranoia, too, and always feels anxious about everything, which makes him act nervous most of the time. He likes to stay in the background and is a very quick swimmer. His whole life, he lived in the shadows of his older brother, Jamesson. Robbie and Jamesson were both supposed to become a Warrior, like their father. They grew up in a military home industry, which means there was always a training center or military base nearby. When Robbie became 15, they gave up on him. His mother tried very hard to make him the best Warrior there could be, but he just wasn’t born to become one. All of his mother’s attention went to Jamesson instead. To spend his time well, Robbie started reading books. And he memorized everything. 


Jamesson McPauls is simply a very arrogant, cocky boy. He became a Warrior when he turned 16 and got sent to District 6. But instead of the other Warriors, Jamesson talked. A lot. He enjoys having fun at other people’s expense and thinks he is the most important and attractive member of the group. He wants to become the most powerful being in the world and thinks he will someday. Jamesson has a very bad habit of forgetting names and is also a liar by heart. He is a very tall, muscular, young adult. And with his tanned skin, green eyes and dirty blonde hair, he attracts almost every girl that is dumb enough to believe he’s nice.


Isabelle Calleigh is one of the girls from District 6, the Warriors. She carries around a sharp spear, which makes her look even more dangerous. She has a tanned skin and brown, wavy hair, but her eyes are icy blue. Isabelle is very rebellious and doesn’t like to let others know how she feels and doesn’t care how they do. She enjoys having fun at other people’s expense and always seems to be just slightly on the darker side of emotion. Isabelle enjoys to sing songs when she’s alone, but nobody’s ever heard her and she’s making sure nobody will. Isabelle comes from a large city-family and ran away when she was twelve. She lived on the streets for several years, but when some people found her fighting a bear, she was sent to District 6. What most people don’t know about Isabelle, is that she’s actually bisexual. 


Wayne Balis is a young wizard, who only knows the basic things. He always puts others first and then thinks about himself. He has a heavily scarred skin, even though he’s only 24. He has purple eyes – every wizard has a strange eye colour – and dirty blonde hair. Wayne is a Protector, which means he wants to protect the innocent from corruption. He has a cynical sense of humour; dark and negative, he makes fun of the bad aspects of things. He does forget names quite often, but faces every situation with a calm and collected manner. When he has to deal with a big problem, he often makes himself some tea. Wayne comes from a big city from District 1. He found out he was a Wizard by himself at a very young age – when he was 9. The city he lived in was very anti-magic, so he decided to travel to the Seventh District alone and he managed to make it, at a very young age. Wayne is bisexual, but his interest in boys is definitely bigger than his interest in girls.


Eric Lirelow is an enthusiastic, young boy, with light brown hair and warm, brown eyes. He is very extraverted and wants to spread peace throughout the whole world. He finds casual humour the most amusing and is excited about pretty much everything. Eric is a Shapeshifter, but he isn’t a Great Shapeshifter. It is very rare that a Human finds out he is a Shapeshifter at such a young age. Eric isn’t very special though, since he can only change into a cat and a fox. His parents were never home, since they were teachers at a high school in District 1, where they both taught children about different kinds of creatures and the Districts. Eric was an only child and almost always home alone. He is also homosexual, even though you wouldn’t notice very quickly.


Layla Riverdwight is a serious, young Warrior. She never choose to become a one, since she was born in the Sixth District. Both her mother and father were Warriors and they kept her in District 6, without any of the guards noticing it. Outside of the district, she talked, something forbidden in District 6. Layla has dark, blonde hair and brown eyes. She trusts people very quickly, even though she knows she shouldn’t. In her eyes, everyone looks innocent. Layla is one of the best female Warriors in the country, just nobody has noticed it so far, since Layla doesn’t enjoy fighting when she doesn’t have to. In contrast to the others, who enjoy fighting as much as Layla enjoys reading, fight much more as a hobby, while Layla only fights when she has to or is in a dangerous situation. Layla isn’t arrogant, like most of the other Warriors.  


Alex Marls is an energetic young Faery, who enjoys jumping and flying around or being a little too enthusiastic about everything. Alex has messy, dark blonde hair and green eyes. He seems to be happy all the time and like to throw stardust on other’s, which makes them happy, too. Alex is often a bit like an older Peter Pan, since he plays the flute. When you disappoint Alex, you can expect him to be mad at you for a long time, since he doesn’t forgive people very easily. Alex comes from a poor family; His parents work in the Palace of the Faery Queen and never really had time for him. He spent most of his time, walking around the streets, trying to cheer sad people up or flying around, somehow always finding someone who could need a little help. Alex will always be there for you, and will always stand by your side.  


Joseph Jenkings is a kind, attractive Elemental boy. Everybody loves him and he is almost perfect. He has fluffy, brown hair and dark brown eyes and like to wear comfortable clothes all the time. He helps you when you need it and will be there for you if you need a friend. His father works very hard at the butcher and tries to give his son a good life. Joseph’s mother died when he was only four. He grew up in a small village, just at the border of District 1. His father’s biggest fear was that Joseph would leave him to go to the Fourth District, to become a better Elemental, but Joseph always stayed with his father, too scared to hurt the old man. His Element is Earth.


Samantha Wainwright is an arrogant, fashionable girl. She thinks every creature that isn’t a human is weird and is very racist when she talks about the other creatures. Her stylish blonde hair and blue eyes, smudged in make-up confirm that she is more interested in herself  than in any other person in the world. Samantha is the rich, annoying girl with rich parents. But instead of just giving her everything she wants, just so she loves them more, her parents don’t care about her. They never leave notes, aren’t home and never actually raised her. All they did, was hire ‘babysitters’ for her, who altogether raised her. Samantha never really cared anyways about her parents, so it doesn’t matter to her. 


Carley Maiden is a fun-loving faery. Wherever she is, she is making friends and having fun. Put Carley in a room with 15 strangers and within 5 minutes she's friends with every single one of them. Carley has light red hair and white eyes. If the scene starts to get dangerous, she'll probably fly the scene or hide behind a dark rock, since she's not very heroïc. Don't try to give Carley a weapon, because she will probably get scared and run away; She has a fear of weapons being close to her. Carley can shoot little bubbles with her hands, but that's it. She grew up in a darker part of District 2, but Carley will always stay positive and see only the good things. She will also try to cheer you up, when you're sad or alone. 


Quinn Lorti is the spoiled, royal Elveskid. She has blonde curls and dark red eyes. She is the cousin of the boyfriend of the Elves Princess. And of course, that boyfriend brought his whole family to the Palace, including Quinn. She got spoiled a lot by her grandfather, who raised her,  when she was younger, and when he got a little bit of royalty, she got spoiled even more. Quinn got everything she wanted, until her grandfather died. She grieved for a while, but moved on eventually. Quinn is a girl who helps you now and then, probably without you knowing it, and she can be nice to you, too, but most of the time, she'll just snap at you for being stupid. 


Mackenzie Alon is an Elemental girl with dark red hair, matching her Element Fire. She gets angry very quickly and can be mad at you for a very long time, even if it's not a big thing she's mad about. Mackenzie doesn't forgive people very easily and won't trust you again. If you've ever done something to her, you'll never have her back the way she was to you before. Mackenzie became an orphan when she was two and was put in boarding school by her aunt. She had always been an outsider there, but Mackenzie didn't care a lot. She was fine with eating her lunch alone or sitting at the back of the classroom without any friends. When she heard about the Test, she could not be more excited; She finally had the chance to stand out and make a differenc in the world, something she had always wanted to do.



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