Story Of My Life

This is my story. Well i changed parts of it, as Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry and Justin aren't my best friends :(
My story is about selfharm, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts.


1. Waking Up

I woke up, two warm arms were wrapped around me. I pushed myself a little closer to Justins body. My back was laying against his warm body and my body followed his breathings. I heard him waking up, he kissed my ear and squeezed my body against his. "I love you" I whispered. "I love you too, darling" he whispered in my ear. I turned around and saw his beautiful face, he was smiling. I couldn't resist his smile and kissed him, his lips were so warm and soft, His hands at my back were grabing me even tighter. Suddenly someone opens the door. "Goodmorning little mon.... Hey Justin, she's mine!" "Goodmorning Louis" Justin said. "Morning Lou" I said. "Niall and I made breakfast." Louis said. "Good job lou, we will be there in 5 minutes." I awnsered "All right, don't make any little Justins you two." He said and closed the door.

I looked at Justin and started smiling. His hands were following my belly, hips and tights. His hands got back to my hips and they were inspecting them. "Did you loose weight?" "No" i said. "Good, I love you the way you are, I don't want you to change anything." "I won't, don't you worry." I said and kissed him.
It was still dark in our bedroom, i switched on the light and Justin started moaning. "Sorry handsome, but you got to wake up." I gave him a sweater. "Thank you." I quickly tied my hair and put on my sweatpants and one of Liams T-shirts.

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