Story Of My Life

This is my story. Well i changed parts of it, as Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Harry and Justin aren't my best friends :(
My story is about selfharm, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts.


9. The Mall

"Hello guys" Mike walked in. "Louis, Niall, Justin? you three are going to an interview for a teenage show." "Right, and what about us?" Liam asked. "You can stay home today, maybe you guys should get some groceries." He suggested. I gave Louis and Niall a big hug and Justin a big kiss and they left. "So now it's just the two of us" Zayn said as the door was closed. I pushed him away and gave him a playful slap on his cheek. "In your dreams" I said trying not to smile. I took my phone out of my pocket and saw it was already 1 pm. "Should we go and get the groceries?" I asked. "Yeah fine" Liam and Harry responded. We took our jackets and left. We were walking to the mall, it was just ten minutes but is was cold outside. It must have been freezing. "It's damn cold!" I said to Harry. "I know" he said and wrapped his arm around me. At that momend Zayn turned around and said: "Look at the two love birds". "Shut up Zach, you're just jealous" "No I'm not, I have Lili" and he wrapped his arm aroud Liam. "Look at the two love birds" Harry said teasing him. "You are just jealous" Zayn said. 

When we finally arived at the mall, my fingers were frozen. "Maybe we should go and get some hot chocolate!" Liam said. We all agreed on that and entered a cosy coffee shop. "Look at the waitress" Zayn said to Harry. "She's sexy..." "Nah, I guess she has a B cup. My girls at least need a C" "Harry, behave!" Liam said "She's cute, but you guys have to leave her alone." I laughed. They were right, the waitress was cute and sexy. She had the right curves and a slim waist. Although everything was in proportions. She wore a blouse which was really thight around her brest, showing her cleavage perfecty. Her beautiful wavy hair jumped up and down as she walked towards us. "Hi guys, how can I help you?" She asked. "My mates and I would like to get a hot cholate, what about you babe?" he asked me. "Yeah me too." "Allright, so four chocolate for these handsome guys and this beautiful girl." she said. She walked back, shaking her ass a little. "Hey guys, what about a party at ours tonight?" Harry suggested. "We all agreed on that and started thinking about what we might need. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil out of my gucci bag. The fist things on the list were: alcohohol and crisps. We started thiking about the other stuff we might need as the waitress served the chocolate. "Here you go guys" she said standing next to Liam. She gave him one of the cups. Liam passed it towards Harry. "Thank you, mate" he said  thankfully. She placet the other one down in front of Liam. The next cup was for Zayn. She bent down showing het cleavage to him. Yuck I thought. I was sitting next to him and I didn't really like the view. "Thanks mam" He said. She grabbed the last cup and gave it to me. Showing her cleavage to Zayn again. She turned around and walked to the next table. "I think she's is kinda sexy, don't you think guys" Zayn said. "Dude, I almost puked at the sight of her breasts." We all laughed and after fifteen minutes she came back. "Can I get you guys something?" She asked. "We would like to get the bill" Liam said. When she came back she gave the bill to Zayn, bending down again. I grabbed Zayns hand which was on the table, he looked at me and I gave him a peck on his lips. "Shall I pay?" Harry asked, looking at us. He gave the woman 10 pounds and we left. "Why did you do that?" Zayn asked me when we were outside again. "Because she was flirting with you and I don't want you to date a girl like her." I told him. "Why? Because she's better then you?" I bit my lip trying not to let the tears down my face. He hurt me. I slaped him in his face and ran away. "Rose!" I heard them say but I didn't care, I ran till my legs couldn't move anymore. I was used to the pain I had every single day but this was so much worse. I sat down on a bench and started to think about what just happened. I must have bitten my lip off trying to keep the tears in my eyes.
Rose, please!? Don't be mad at me. I am so sorry. I love you, your everything to me, I didn't want to hurt you or something xxx Zayn
I ignored his text and sat on the bench of ten more minutes when I got another message.
Rose please
It was another message from Zayn, I ignored this one as well and I directly got a new one. 
Babe, I am worried. Where are you? xxx Liam
As I was reading it I felt an arm wrapping around my waist. I looked up and saw two beautiful green eyes. "Rose, don't tell them I am here with you."Harry said, pulling me closer to him. All I could do now was cry. "Hush babe, I am here now." Harry said. He pulled out of the hug and kissed my forhead and removed my tears with his tumb. We sat there together for maybe ten or fifteen minutes when Harry said: "Maybe we should go home." "I don't wanna go home." I said. "But babe, we have to. We can't live here on this bench" He said and we both laughed. "C'mon" He said and grabbed my hand. I gave him a peck on his cheek. "Thank you, Curly"  I said. When we were in front of the forever21 Liam and Zayn ran towards us. They both gave me a massive hug. "We were so worried" Liam said. "Coockie, I am so truly sorry." Zayn said and he held my head, pulling it a little bit up so he could see my eyes. "Rose, there is no one near as perfect as you. You are my most favourite girl in the whole world. I would never choose anyone over you." He said, looking with his beautiful blue eyes. "You are lying!" I yelled and turned around. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back. "Leave me alone!" I shouted, wanting the whole mall to hear me. I saw some people looking at us. "Rose, please. I am telling you the truth." "HELP ME THIS GUYS ARE ATTACKING ME!!" I shouted. "HELP ME PLEASE" I yelled. Two man came towards us. "Run girl, run" They said and I turned around and ran away. 

Liams P.O.V

"I am going to get her" I said. "You are not." The big man shouted. He was holding Zayn. The other mand was holding Harry so I decided to run away. They are both big, brave guys but Rose however was weak, beautiful and an easy prey for guys. I saw running around a corner and pumping into a emoish guy. She fell on the ground and he lifted her up. I slowed down a bit and looked at hem. "I'm sorry" I heard the dark guy say. "It's not your fault. I'm sorry." Rose said. "Can I help you with something?" he asked her. Wait.... he is an emo, he can't be nice. I ran towards her and heard her say: "No, thank you." "All right, It was nice meeting you, Scarred Haunter." he said and grabbed her hand and kissed it. At that moment I pulled her away. "Rose, we are going home. Don't you realise what you just did? Zayn and Harry are getting beaten up by two bikers now. We have to go back." "No thank you, leave me alone!" I said. "YOU COME WITH ME! THEY ARE IN DANGER BECAUSE OF YOU AND I AM NOT LETTING YOU GO AGAIN!" I yelled. I'm sure the whole mall knows us after today. "You guys need some help?" The emo guy asked. I wanted to tell him we didn't need his help but we did. "Fine, follow me." I said, still holding Rose her wrist. 

Roses P.O.V

Liam pulled me with him, his and was holding my wrist really tight. It stung and I fell a tear falling on my cheek. "Here they are" I heard Liam say. There were not just the two bikers standing around Zayn and Harry. There was a shitload of people around them. "Oh crap" I said. I thought two seconds and yelled "Guys!" and ran twoards them. I entered the group of people and grabbed Zayn with my one arm by his jacket. My other arm was grabbing Harry by his t-shirt and I pulled them closer to me. When they were close enough I wrapped my arms around their waists. "I love you guys!" they both pecked me on my cheek, I grabbed their hands and we walked away. Leaving all those people staring at us. "Are you gonna come to our party tonight?" I asked the emo guy. "yeah I'll be there." "Maybe I should write down my phone number." I suggested. We exchanged phone numbers and said our goodbyes. "Let's go and buy some drinks!" Harry said, and we left 

"We need this!" Zayn said, pointing at a blue bottle. "All right, place it in the cart!" Liam said. "Maybe we need some beer." Harry suggested. "And some wine.' Zayn said. We walked towards the isle with wine and beer. Harry stuffed the whole cart full with beer. "Whoo, easy buddy" Liam said. "We don't need this much. Just grab three trays and place the others back." "Fine" Harry said annoyed. "Babe which wine do you prefer?" Zayn asked me, inpecting all the wines. 'It doesn't really matter-" I said. "-as long as it has alcohol in it." Harry finished my sentence. "Harry behave!" Liam Shouted. "Yeah mummy"he said. 
We walked towards another isle and saw crisps and threw different kinds in our cart. After thirty minutes of shopping we were ready for checkout. We bought four bags full of food and drinks. I grabbed one of the bags as Zayn said: "Let me carry it for you!" "No, it's fine. I'm really muscular, I can do this on my own." I said, giving him a smile. "Well, at least give the heavy bag you are carrying now to me and take this bag full of crisps." "Fine" I said, not wanting to argue with him. We all grabbed our bags and walked home. 

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